TBLiar in for heart Op

He's got a heart, I never noticed :twisted:

must be spin 'must make Dear Leader seem more human, send him for a fake heart op'

he's really a robot from planet B@stard 8O
hope he gets MRSA and dies
and blood poisoning.

I caught both after an op in a dirty filthy NHS hospital and nearly croaked, once I'd gone into shock it took 4 doctors and 3 nurses over 25 mins to NOT get a line in, thank god a paramedic walked past saw the chinese cluster f*ck going on round me walked over and got the line in on his second stab which was good going as by this time my viens had collapsed. He then took the shot of morphine off the nurse, who was trying to roll me over and jab me in the arse, and whacked straight in my thigh. I'm told that at this point I released one of the doctors from a vulcan death grip. I had it seems had a sense of humour failure and grabbed the doc telling him that if I was off to Valhalla he was coming too.

Anyway back to the plot....I hope to send lying tosser Blair a "keep very ill" card.
You might have spotted it if it was on www.thehun.com !
Why would news of Blair be on a website devoted to the german soldier in WW2 ????? :wink:
MRSA is far too proletarian for a champagne socialist like Bliar. I suggest necrotising fasciitis as the minimum level of infection for someone of his standing. The prospect of him being eaten alive is a particularly pleasing one. Not that I'd really wish him ill or anything..... :twisted:
Everyone seems to have missed the real news of the night which is that Blair has stuck it to Gordon Brown and said that he intends to complete a third term as PM if Labour (as is almost inevitable) is re-elected. noteably he has made this statement at exactly the time when the press is full of a split between the two.
Yes, thinking about it MRSA is not bad enough. He needs to catch something far more infectious so he passes it on to his family as well; then the frog and their brats will also cop it. Be nice if the fat bar-steward Prescott, the lying Buffoon, the spineless amoeba Straw and the Nazi-Blunkett also got some too.


P.S No I don't like Tony very much and since I haven't threatened him (or incited others to do the same) and just expressed a wishful thought, it's not illegal yet Blunkett. But I'm sure in time SS Blunkett will criminalise thoughts as well...
Bet you were good to your old mother, Chutley. Never gave her more than flesh wounds....... :D Can't disagree with your sentiments, though. How about leprosy for the lot of 'em? Maybe it's already started. Their integrity's already dropped off.

We lost last night ,but got a 20% swing ,so some consolation in that.

Tories down in 4th.Not good for Michael Howards' leadership ,I expect yet another leadership challenge imminently.

Seems Labour rallied their die-hard wrinkly vote ,and it carried the day for them.

What a nice man that Labour candidate seemed ,especially after his speech :roll: Looks like Chavscum have finally got their man in Westminster.

As for that Fathers 4 Justice nobber ,try that with me Clown boy and the Police would have had to pull my fist out of your throat.
PartTimePongo said:
As for that Fathers 4 Justice nobber ,try that with me Clown boy and the Police would have had to pull my fist out of your throat.
Fightin' talk, PTP. You don't happen to have Scots blood, do you? :D
No , Northern Irish Claymore :D

But Iain Wright did come across as a right hoodrat. :p
PartTimePongo said:
No , Northern Irish Claymore :D :p
Snap! Scots and NI. Well, they always did say Ulster would fight and Ulster would be right. :wink:
PartTimePongo said:
But Iain Wright did come across as a right hoodrat. :p
Same impression I got when watching him, thought Hartlepool has gone from one t0sser to another. Hope they are happy with him, they deserve it for voting the half-wit in :twisted:
A 20% swing in a safe Labour seat means that, behind the backslapping, there must be a lot of very nervous people wearing red rosettes. I don't know what the national position in a general election would be but I suspect that enough inroads would be made into Bliar's majority to make his position untenable.

Hence the attention-seeking heart flutter.

I don't think the Tories will be too bothered - they didn't have a hope in hell and their poor showing helps neutralise fat Prezza's argument that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for Michael Howard.

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