Tayforth...It's about time

It seems that every other OTC and their dogs have their own topic on the discussion boads. It was about time that Tayforth had their say.
Northern Lights...It must be our turn to win?!?

It's been suggested that the OCs are all going to sit down whilst the Ocdts are out on the p!ss in the bean tin for a naffi and have a game of poker to see which OTC wins.

"I'll see your mil skills and raise you the womens rugby"

However, I think the Tayforth secret weapon of Morris Dancing will secure us a resounding victory.


War Hero
yaah well obviously not the 'good guys' from A Sqn scoff scoff :roll:
Good guys....a sqn.... 8O . They're too busy playing polo, drinking pims, and and trying to out do each other on the "Whose got the best pashmina/tweed suit" game.

MTQ 2 exam should be fun this weekend tho. Sitting in the p!ssing rain, watching the orders that you just wrote turn into mush in your hands, and having to cuff it infront of the Para major whilst all your mates have a fat female captain in the RLC (whose never seen a rifle let alone heard of the 7 questions) listen to their orders.


War Hero
AH SC The memories the memories, whatever you do dont get a RA guy, he kept asking me to give him eight figure grid references, I didnt even know tehy went up that far :oops: :oops: Didnt like the fact that i had my support section on the central reservation of Edin bypass, he said and I quote, how will they get across with cars wizzing by 8O 8O Luckily for once i had a witty reply of if there is a deliberate attack going in the chances of there being much traffic would be slim. That ended that line of quetioning :p
Was also rather handy that the winter camp previous we did a couple of tewts using exactly the same bit of ground as the MTQ #2 weekend. Good Drills "Old Q" eh ?

Count your lucky stars its not PRACTAC though folks, the intimidating rows of army chairs down the hill.... sends shivers down my spine!

Don't forget though:



War Hero
yes best laid plans and all, do they still have the 'make a pink gin section' comprising 98.86545% of the total or have they gone all serious and stuff now and added which fork goes with which course

Tally bally ho
Pink gin section? Think we may have found a place for A sqn and AUOTC "I" Troupe. Do you think we could leave them there?Of course we'd give them a few compo rations to keep them going but after a while I don't think any one except the trust fund administrators would notice them missing
:lol: well retorted :lol:

There should be some illustrious members of I troop at MTQ 2 this weekend, (just incase it wasnt going to be bad enough!) :D :p
you what SC?? :? :?
Don't worry about "I" Troupe. I've assigned a care in the community team to look after them. Bring them tea and biscuits, tell them which end of the pen to use..
oh yes i can think of just the person to do it as well from your lot! :lol:
disregard my second last. Was writing on 2 forums at once and become lost...I mean tactically misplaced
ok but dont do it again :twisted:
Anyhooo Im going to head, with that picture youve given me about big arrse running in my mind :?
That's rich comming from you monkers! Besides my therapist says that the voices are the only thing keeping me sane.
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