Taxpayers money fund IRA Hunger film

Money from the useless Welsh Assembly (so English tax payers really) has gone to the production of a film about the murdering IRA scums hunger strike in 1981.

Absolutly disgusted about this especially as the ******** who runs the fund is "very proud to be associated with films like that."


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Do we get to see him slowly starve to death in the film? If so, then money well spent. I hope we get to see the others (well, actors at least) starve to death too; that would be nice.

How's about smell-o-vision TV so that we can see a film of the dirty protest. How cool would that be?
Santa_Sunday said:


Look on the bright side at least it gets everyone a chance to dust off their Bobby Sands jokes that we haven't head for a couple of weeks :D

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Slimmer of the year 1981 etc etc :wink:
Do we get to see the representatives of the PIRA Army Council hinting none too subtly that it'll go very badly for his family if he gives up?

Or Bernadette making her fortune on the back of hubby's death while shacking up with that trash McKevitt?

Or Martin McGuinness passing int to the Security Forces?

Perhaps a rousing chorus of, "Could ye go a chicken supper, Bobby Sands?" as the theme tune?
eight (ate) - nowt (zero) ...
I don't suppose much of that money went on catering then.
To register your outrage, call 0800 808080 (ate nothing, ate nothing, ate nothing).
OK, first question: who has actually seen the film?
Santa_Sunday said:


Let's take the open top bus and chuck cheeseburgers and chips at all those going to watch it!!
It's not the first film of this type is it? IIRC wasn't there a film about the Guildford Four (In the Name of the Father???)? Obviously the security forces just picked up the first 4 paddys they saw and fitted them up. This is just another opportunity for Brit bashing. Frankly, I'm not all that bothered. I was still at school when that fecker decided to go without a bacon sandwich or two. We are never going to see films from our point of view on things like Loughgall or Op Flavius, coz obviously the Brits are always murderous people who think nothing of killing everyone and anything from small babies to old grannies.

TBH, I'll probably go to watch it, if only for the humour value....hopefully I'll be able to upset a few people in the cinema too with the odd giggle as the tw@t snuffs it!
exile1 said:
Perhaps ARRSE members can attend the premier en masse and when he snuffs it all stand up and shout "Result"!
Like it, bonus points for the best Ronald Mcdonald fancy dress outfit.. :D
Would I get kicked out of the cinema for making a noise eating my popcorn & sweets and slurping my drink?

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