Taxpayer foots bill for BNP minder

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RangeStew, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Taxpayer foots bill for BNP minder

    NICK GRIFFIN, the BNP leader, has put his personal bodyguard on the European Union payroll as his party becomes the latest to exploit the political expenses system.

    A dozen senior figures from the party make up a BNP entourage of publicly funded assistants. As MEPs, Griffin and Andrew Brons are entitled to claim a combined £382,000 a year to pay for their colleagues’ salaries.

    Whats good for the rest of the troughing MEP pigs is obviously good enough for the BNP pigs.............
  2. Erm, and why wouldn't it be? What makes the safety of legally elected MPs from one party less important than others?
  3. No more disgusting than Blair and the Wicked Witch getting a full Met CP Team paid for by us. :roll:

    Especially since Blair did more damage to this country than Nasty Nick could ever dream of. :evil:
  4. I think the BNP have every right to jump on the EU gravy train. I wish that the EU gravy train was stopped for all MEP's.
  5. I want the Gravy Train stopped for EVERY Member of EVERY Parliament. :evil:

    I will settle for cramming all our MP's into one train then blowing it up... :twisted:
  6. We pay for a body-guard for the 'spiv' Bliar and his whole estate of houses, why not this for leader of a political party?

    Don't even think about how much we will have to pay for Bliar when he becomes President (Unelected) of the European National Socialist Soviet Union - if you do think about, you will be quite ill!
  7. The only irony to this is that the taxpayer also pays for the biggest threat to Griffin in the form of UAF and associates.
    Like it or not (and I don't particularly) Griffin is a democratically elected UK politician and merits the same rotection as any other. Personally I would prefer to see all our current politicians of any flavour dangling from a lampost.
  8. next we will be paying for the police teams who looked after ABu Hamza.....

    Oh Wait we already did
  9. Stand for parliment, I'll vote for you.
  10. Didn't Mr Griffin claim that he wouldn't be riding the EU gravy train?
  11. As long as the UAF pose a threat to him (and everyone else who disagrees with them) I hardly think its riding a gravy train to have a bodyguard.
  12. That's not what I asked. I seem to remember that Mr Griffin made a public statement that he will not be claiming expenses. He either made the statement or he didn't.
  13. Ah but he's a proffesional politician now, don't you know that means he can say whatever he likes and is under no obligation to keep his word about anything?
  14. So that would make him an MEP thats told porkies, nothing strange or different there then.
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Not defending him by any means but didn't he mean personal expenses ?

    I think they get so much for staff so he's entitled to it

    In fairness to him there seems an equal amount of dead heads throwing things at him and his dead heads every time he turns up somewhere

    We protect all the other idiots why not him?