Taxman in a good mood

Last night after I had visited the parental unit's house, I opened some letters addressed to me that had ended up at their house.
I went for the most official looking one first. Ooer, it was from HM Revenue & Customs. I bi-passed all the initial bl urb and got down to the initial greeting.

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to inform you that you are due a repayment of income tax for the year shown above...."

Now I have had letters like this before , but only when i have duly sent my P60s off to be assessed and to try my luck to see if i am due anything. So I knew it was a cheque. I tentatively unfolded the letter properly and looked at the bottom to see the amount.

Can you believe it? Mr Taxman decided to send me over £1000 in overpaid tax, without even having to be asked!!!!!!!!! 8O Also, this was from the tax year at least 3 years ago. He must be in an extremely good mood indeed!!!!!!!

As i've said, i've got amounts from the taxman but only after requested. These have ranged from £10 to £400. But I've never received so much back, especially without even requesting it.

If you know how to ask for your rebate, what is the most amount you have ever got back???
Remember me? from 3 Div?

If you have been doing self assessment online then that could be why you did not have to ask for a refund and sending off your P60
ahh yes, gundog!! I remember you. I got the drinks in and you crashed my fags all night lol

No self assessment here, or from 3 years ago when I overpaid my tax this much 8O
I send my P60's off before the six year period. I recently got a rebate for £800.

Now here is a tip for you all:

When you join a new job, here is how not to pay emergency tax. Dont give your new employer your P45. Ring up your Tax Office that dealt with you in your previous job, give them your new PAYE number. Within 48 hours your details are passed to your new Tax Office that deals with your company and your then on the correct tax code, not a BR code for months. Try it, it does work!...

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