"Taxi for Four"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Akira, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. Whilst not wishing to go into whether you deserve some time in Cuba after being found "lost" in another part of the world. I am a tad hacked off that you get a free lift with Crab air at the end of it. Mind you I do consider it cruel and unusual punishment to give them a RAF Scab box after the gourmet meals they would have been looking forward to, "no more for me Chef I'm full, Oh and does that good looking loadmaster want to go out for drinks when we land". Seriously one C-17 and crew must have cost me (the Taxpayer) more than four seats in cattle class with BA, unless the plan was to kick 'em out the back somewhere over the Atlantic and the Crabs got it wrong again.
  2. This government is very quick to criticise the military fo any perceived waste of money, and very free with the the use of military air transport for drug dealers, terrorists and other undesirables, such as Johnny Adair, Tony Bliar, Patricia Hewitt, Jack Straw, etc. etc...
  3. Yeah the crabs F-ed Up Again.
  4. LOLOL

    Being 'serious' as usual :roll: , rightly or wrongly it's been a UK foreign policy objective to get these guys out of Guantanamo, so not surprising that RAF assets should be used.

    I dont believe Gitmo is an Easyjet destination (yet), nor do I think they could have been put in a taxi to Havana airport. :wink:
  5. Is our illustrious Govn going to ask them some deep and meaningful questions as to 1. Why they were in a War zone and 2. Why did the septics lift them in the first place. Or will they use legal aid to persue a settlement? Somehow, I doubt it.
  6. One thing is absolutely for certain. At least one, and probably all, will by now have agreed with a gaggle of slavering lawyers to launch an enormous suit against the UK Government (ie you and me) in order to acquire an enormous amount of its (ie our) money. I predict that the outcome will be determined more by political expediency than by the judicial process. Or maybe I'm being cynical.
  7. Oh for the days when the stout people of an outraged nation would have escorted them to the nearest tree.....
  8. Right sentiment B-B, but why reserve the honour of stringing them up for lard-arrses ands gut-buckets ?? :D
  9. Unfortunately, I very much doubt it!

    It's really only a question of how much of our money will be used in their attempts to get compensation. The lefty hand wringing b'stard lawyers must be wetting themselves at the shear thought of the milage they're going to get out of this one :evil: :evil:
  10. Given the amount of crap the US has had to take from the wet lettuce brigade, I wouldn't be surprised if any future 'detainees' are not admitted to at all. Just tucked away somewhere quiet for a few weeks while encouraged to cooperate, then sent to a CIA pig farm in deepest Iowa.
  11. Agreed there WB - additionally they'll be some fat, slavering publisher with a ghost writer ready to offer them a huge sum for a book or two - no doubt Piers Morgan will be waiting in the wings to help out there. What about the press - gadzooks they'll have a field day there.

    Let's hope Bliar et al see some sense and prevent the little feckers making any money whatsoever fro there ordeal - sadly though, you and I will foot the bill for their social allowances and those of the next generation that they spawn. That is, of course, assuming that they're guilty of some traitorous thought/action.

    Any thoughts on the book title - 'Cnuts in an Orange Suit - My Part in Dubya's Downfall' perhaps?

    Inshallah, the next terrorist attack by the four gentlemen's chums will directly affect a lawyer or two - could make the greedy feckers think twice about their bleeding hearted sentiments and how to make a bob or two out of them!!!!!
  12. So who are they going to sue? The Government where trying to get them out (honest...!) and the Spams will rightly tell them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

    Serves the right for being traitors (IMHO)!
  14. Perhaps the U.S Governemet should send their families a bill for the food and accommodation that they have recieved while being a guest in their Country, and the RAF should send them a bill for the fuel, air hours, crew and hotel bills incurred to bring them back to the UK. The governement should then put some sort of 'D' notice on them and all their families, friends and all publishers so that they can't sell their stories.They won't make any money and we won't have to read about it on pages 1 to 7 in the newpapers for a week complete with artists impressions of what a cage looks like, as if we didn't even know.
  15. Gentleman,

    I risk be called a wet lettuce leaf here but...you should check certain facts.

    A. Only one was detained in Afghanistan, 2 in Pakistan and 1 in Zambia. Has anyone read that Zambia was the front line on terror, unless you are mates with Mark Thatcher!

    B. The Australians were up in arms about paying for a Military flt for their detainee, this stems from US policy that ex GTMO dets are not allowed in US Airspace or US Aircraft.

    C. Based upon the comments by one of the Lawyers last night on C4 News they will sue the US government, not the Brits and it is not money but an apology that they want.

    D. The SPECTICS from personal experience rely far to heavily on computers. I was detained for 6 hours at Boston because someone with my name was wanted and they would not accept my statements that I had not travelled through DC in 2003, even though my passport and the US immigration record had me entering in LAX, SF and Boston. Even the production of a RAF1250 ( = MOD 90) failed, normally it is a fast track through. So only the Innocents have nothing to fear??? The classic was that I was in Iraq an the time of alleged visit to the US.
    :twisted: :evil: