Taxi Driver

:D A man was having a quiet drink in a pub when a bloke stormes in and orders half a dozen pints of beer.
The first man says"my you're thirsty whats the matter"
"well" the man says, "I am a taxi driver and I picked up a young lady as a fare earlier, but when we got to her destination she asked if she could pay in kind... she is unstoppable, we have been having it off for 3 hours!!!"
"Can I be so bold to ask" said the first man "do you think I could have a go, as I have been without for weeks?"
...The Taxi driver said, "I can't see why not if you leave the light off she will think it is me... the taxi is round the side in the lane"
**The first man nips round and slides into the back seat of the taxi and starts the business....
After about 10mins there is a tap on the window and a policeman is standing there looking shocked..."What are you doing in a public place?"
The man switches the light on and apologised and said "I sorry officer but I was only having a little passion with my wife"
...The PC said "sorry sir I didn't know she was your wife....."
"Nor did I till I put the fuckin' light on...!"
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