Taxes and fuel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldTimer, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. VAT on a whole range of goods and services yesterday dropped from 15 per cent to five per cent as part of the government’s programme to ease the ever-rising cost of living.

    The VAT changes came into effect on the same day as fuel duty was reduced from 11.3 cents per litre to 7.3 cents per litre.
    Sorry guys not England , this is in Cyprus , a small island can do it why not UK ?????

  2. Because us tax payers in the UK are probably subsidizeing that little Island.
  3. What he said.

    Without having done any research, and purely off the top of my head, Cyprus, as a new EU member is probbly raking in subsidies paid for by the various net contributors. Happy to be corrected, but I'll not hold my breath.
  4. Because there is a generous welfare system in the UK.
  5. TAX - the god of NeuLiarbour, old Labour for that matter. Why? Their hard core of voters don't pay any!
  6. There is probably a lot of truth in that number 1. I would not mind paying so much tax if I could see an improvement in services. As it is I just see the government taking my money and throwing it away.
  7. If it paid for the lads and lasses abroad to have what they need, I'd happily pay more tax. Unfortunately, the government squanders our money on immigrants, dole-scroungers and mental art projects. Fcuking spastics.
  8. I would not argue against that. Bloody annoyed!
  9. Because we are a nation of people who has lost the ability to come together and tell the government... "Knob off or we'll have you out of power ASAP"

    The posties have proved it possible to get simultaneous action to take placeup and down the country however how do you get joe public to do it.

    We would never grind the country to a halt because the chavs are too lazy the working class couldn't afford it and the Lexus drivers are too greedy.

    Now if the Trains - Buses - Posties and lorry drivers got their heads together (and dragged the water wasters along for good measure). They could deal with their individual problems and add on a few public interest requests whilst they were at it :D
  10. WTF is going on why has my topic been removed?????????

  11. And breathe...
  12. To bring into the equation another country Estonia who joined in the last batch. I visited Tallinn a few times prior to Estonia joining, on holiday and doing some business research (my excuse anyway), I had to put fuel in the car and was astonished at the cost of unleaded: 9 EEK per litre. Now considering that EEK (local currency) to GBP was at 24 to 1 a gallon worked out at £1.70. Take into account that this country has NO natural oil resources, the providers of fuel we the usual BP, Shell, Texico etc.

    The total population was at 1.4 million, they had a good private health setup and subsidies for the unemployed/unemployable and their personal tax was less than 25%. Their total tax burden (total amount of pence in the pound that ends up in the governments pocket) is estimated to be about 33% of income (although income is low, costs are too). The UK tax burden is estimated to be around 68-75% if not more and we have a population 44.5 times bigger.

    I haven’t been back since they joined but will be going some time soon but I bet you there hasn’t been a major change in the situation there.
  13. It worked in 2000 with the lorry srivers. Unfortunatly, it won't happen again, the laws are now in place. They were passed by the democraticly elected government, therefore, the majority of the population must not want such protests against the government.

    When the next election is coming up, tell your MP what you think (assuming they are not arrogent enough to not even bother asking for your vote. On that subject, my wife and I have a habit for about 10 years now of voting for whichever candidate has actually called at my door, said "please", and listened to my whinging for a few minutes. It counts - one local election, the candidate we voted for won by two votes!)