Taxed for driving - say no!!


Don't know if this is the right place for this but we'll see.

As you are probably all aware Mr Bliar wants to charge us all £200 to fit out cars with a tracking device so that his 'government' can charge us per mile for how much we drive. Incidentally, they will know where we are at each minute of the day and could possibly tell if you have crept over the speed limit and then prosecute you.

I thought we were already charged tax per mile in the form of fuel duty and also our road tax.

Anyways, there is a petiton on the 10 downing street website that you can fill in to register a no vote for this proposal. I think they need 1,000,000 votes before something is done about it (won't hold my breath).



and for any body still in Germany the Belgoons are going to charge from 1st Jan. next year for the privelige of driving through their sh1tpit country. (no exceptions)

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