Taxed alive Taxed Dead...

broken_man said:
I reckon it would be better for him to be welcomed home and give a proper tribute, than stay where he isn't wanted.
Why can't I post a sensible and apposite post such as that above?

My brain has been scrambled and addled by thirteen years of misrule by a gang of unbelievably awful third rate w*nkers!

Said w*nkers adhering strictly to policies driven by spite, hatred, envy and malice. Additionally, they set new standards of sleaze and bad behaviour. They gave our sovereignty to the Euroswine without a backward glance. Why?

Because it was part of a plot to ensure that the grinning spiv and warmongering light-weight, the 'wanabee' pop-star Bliar, could become President of the United States of the Soviet Union of Europe - not to be confused with the largest, smelliest lavatory in the world - although the mistake is understandable.

This would have meant that his plug ugly grasping and thoroughly detested wife would finally have become 'First Lady'.

Excepting of course, for the Sovereigns and Sovereign's Consorts of real nations affected by the disease that is Federal Europe.

Oh! Hell! I've done it again - I've ranted. I love it :D
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