Taxation matters for TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bazzinho, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Few interesting topics around on this part of the site

    Generally, there are some guys that know their stuff when it comes to taxation/NI, but a lot don't.

    I would imagine that there are some guys who don't realise they should be claiming back tax at all.

    Generally speaking the self employed will have an accountant of some sort. They should be able to deal with their issues.

    For those that don't we could either have

    a) a detailed wiki page on all the tax issues with contacts for HMRC etc
    b) look at the possibility of setting up a service whereby TA people can send in their tax documents etc. and have their tax returns done for them by someone who is qualified (for example I know that as well as myself there are a few other accountants and chartered accountants on here). The problem with that is there would be a cost involved - which would probably wipe out anything you would get in returned tax anyway.
    c) a separate board/something in the FAQ section showing some of the previous answers

    Anybody want to start a wiki page and stick a link on here? If so, I don't mind popping over and seeing if I can add anything to it later.
  2. Er, pardon? Is this just self employed walla's or have I been doing bad again?
  3. Mate

    You could possibly be due tax rebates, depending on how much you earn in civvy street. You are taxed on TA pay at Basic Rate so, roughly speaking, if you pay tax at the 10% or 22% rate, you could be able to reclaim some. If you pay tax at 40% rate, you probably owe some.

    Have a look and then decide whether to write off and let the revenue know. All the details will be put on the wiki page when I get a minute.

    For I am a lazy b*st*rd
  4. You can also claim back the income tax on the difference between whatever rate you are paid at when you claim mileage and the 40p a mile rate the Inland Revenue set. That is another 5p a mile or so - not insignificant.
  5. HMRC Mileage Rates

    Indeed you can.

    However, only 10, 000 miles in total per year can be claimed at the higher rate - i.e. if you do 10,000 miles in your civy job & get 40p per mile for that, you are only eligible for 25p per mile for TA travel. If you received MMA (or whatever the allowance is - haven't used used my own car for TA biz for ages) over 25p per mile then, in the example above, you would owe HMRC the tax on the difference.

    Re Bazzinho's question, I'd be happy to help, although:

    1) I suspect quite a few people know more than me. (Any HMRC employees able to contribute, safe behind ARRSE's cloak of anonymity :lol: ?);

    2) Might be away for the next 2 weekends, so won't be able to do anything too soon.
  6. Hope my earlier reply didn't read negatively. The above advice is useful for most people, I just wanted to warn the few who do mega miles in their civy job!