Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Heff30, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. I've had a google and to see if soldiers pay the same tax as civvies..?

    If that is the case then I think thats outrageous, I think service men and women should pay less tax because of the role they are in and that when needed will and do fight for queen and country. Anyone else agree with me?

  2. Are you sat in your bedroom in your Superman outfit again?
  3. Oh dear.....
  4. You obviously didn't look hard enough did you? 2003 Thread about Tax on Tour
  5. Hi Heff,

    I whole heartedly agree with you.

    Well I would if you'd stated "when I was aged eight I fell out of a conker tree and the resulting impact with terra firma ensured that I was left severely brain damaged".

    I also agreed with your parents when they wrote on facebook " that son of ours is a right **** and I wish he had perished at birth".

    Asides from that, even though we have never actually met, I'm prepared to make sweet homme on homme loving with your hungry anus.
  6. Smudge how did you know?

    Pretty sure thats to do with USA not paying tax while away on tour? Could be wrong though. But I think not.

    For a stupid second there, I actually thought that was a serious answer, but obviously not. Another **** with too much time on his (her?) hands.

  7. Talking of *****, any chance you can stop asking stupid ******* questions?

    I know you will probably get your mate's uncle on your motorbike when he's all tanked up and come and find me, but please for the love of my sanity (!) and to stop you getting any more smartarrse answers, please pack it in.
  8. Thanks Heff, you have proven my thesis on your brain damage. What part of homme / homme didn't you comprehend?

    Anyway, enough of this banal chit chat, get your tip into my shit.
  9. I don't see how their stupid? Honest question that I was looking for answer for? I thought maybe service people got taxed less and wanted it clearing up, really don't see how that is stupid? I'm trying to get enough knowledge about the army and how it works and what is and isn't true. But sorry if you see that as stupid, but I will not stop asking questions. If you think they are stupid, you don't have to look or answer and I don't mind the bull shit answers, as long as I get a serious answer along the way then it's all good.

    It's ok natotattie, my pleasure. As for putting my tip in your shit, I will kindly decline, although I am thankful for the offer.

  10. Would you kindly moderate your language. TAX is really four letter ******* word and shoud not be raised when women and kids are about!
  11. Check how much the yanks get paid normally and see if you want their wages.

    Of course you can claim tax back on your boot polish, haircuts and laundry...
  12. Ok, well thats not bad, it's something! Can you claim back tax on petrol through the army? Because don't you pay something like 50% tax on petrol/diesel? Or can you fill up on base for a cheaper rate?

  13. If you were a serving soldier I'd be inclined to agree with you. However, considering you're a pubeless ******* wannabee, all I want to do is kick you unconcious you dull ****. Just to add to your outrage, I pay more tax than you earn in a year. You geet big ******* labia.
  14. Why are you so interested in Tax??? Soldiers get no special perks with regards to tax unless stationed abroad (that excludes tours, unless stationed abroad before the tour)

    No cheap fuel, no cheap underwear, no cheap PCs, no cheap anything. Get the drift yet?
  15. Yes nip down to the POL point and just use the key, and no probs free pertol.