Tax...whos responsible?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cannon_fodder_101, May 7, 2007.

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  1. So ive been taxed at 30% by the army for 2 years, since i joined the TA. My admin orderly told me to go to the Tax office and get a P something or other, the tax office said 'we can't because mod stuff is on a seperate programme they dont have access to, talk to your admin staff' so catch 22 begins again.

    end of the day, ive paid about £700 tax which i shouldnt have, and im about to transfer to a different regiment, i dont want to turn up and cause the PSAO or admin staff hassle because the new kids got baggage etc.

    oh, and i havent received a P60 at the end/ start of either of the last 2 tax years either, despite then requesting them.

    what i want to know, from anyone who knows is, who is responsible for sorting out my tax levels and sorting my rebate, and, if it is me, then who do i talk to?

  2. The tax you pay is your responsibility. Your tax office should send you an annual statement of what your tax rate for the next year should be. If you claim that you have overpaid tax, then you may have to fill in a tax return in order to sort it all out. I suspect that the Army is taxing you at the emergency rate because they haven't been told what to charge you.

    Collect together all your payslips, mil and civ, and contact your tax office; they own the process!

  3. File an online tax return with HMRC. You'll need a password and login which usually take a couple of weeks to come through.

    Your tax affairs are your responsibility, and there is no way the APC seems to be able to change your tax code if you are in the TA. I've been trying for years, and they just keep saying "no".

    Once your tax return is completed, if the Govt owe you anything, you can get it back.

    If you have retained your TA payslips, the ones nearest the year end (probably March?) will show the total amount you have been paid plus tax deducted.

    Failing that, you'll need a copy of your P60, or at least the figures from it. These seem to be easier to get than the P60 itself.
  4. You've told us that you are TA so forgive me if I get this wrong and you can't log onto Armynet!

    Log onto Armynet and your last two P60s should be there. And FluffyBunny is quite correct - you can use the last figures from March's payslip if you can't find your P60s.

  5. Your Unit AO/ PSAO should have your tax details readily available - mine did and it was a 30 second phone call.
  6. thanks for that. much appreciated.
  7. 30% I assume is BR?
    I thought it was normal for TA soldiers to pay that much, all "my" TA soldiers do, because they have full time jobs too. (at least thats what the old pay woman told me and none of them have ever mentioned it themselves)

    The only ones that are on 503L (or whatever its called, where you pay once you go over the threshold) or NT are the students.

    Edit; 30%? Are you sure you don't mean 40%?

  8. As we say in the States - it's your duty to vote, and your privilege to pay tax!

    Good luck sorting it out. In my experience (I've had similar issues most years) the tax offices are very helpful to people who call up calmly and ask advice. I suspect they get a fair share of irate people and are just glad to hear someone who isn't hysterical.

    I've always had to send them original documentation; they've always sent them back with a cheque (and usually some statement like "You don't have to fill in any more tax returns" - yeah, right, every time I do, they owe me money!).

  9. Just found the tax codes:

    L - basic personal allowance (most of us)
    P, V or Y - you are the Ancient_Mariner!
    T - the tax office wants to talk to you
    K - you have no tax-free pay
    BR - you are taxed at Basic Rate (22%) usually used for a 2nd job
    DO - you are taxed at Higher Rate (40%) ditto
    NT - no tax is to be taken