Tax v benifits. Tories v Brown and his cronies.


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The Tories have planned a small tax break for married couples and civil partners.

Brown has whined that at the same time they will take away various state hand outs from them.

This is the difference between the Tories and the vermin. The Tories want to leave you with as much of your own money as possible Brown wants to take as much as he can and then hand your money out as bribes to buy as many votes as possible.

I don't think that anyone should have to receive benefits but I accept that there is a need for a safety net. It is quite wrong that people who are in work still need state handouts. Maybe we need the minimum wage to be higher which could be paid for by taxing companies less.

I certainly don't think middle income people should be getting state handouts.

BTB IMHO the Tories have not gone far enough. Married couples and civil partners should have their full joint tax allowances on their joint income.

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