Tax treatment of MPs.Different for them!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Your point being what?

    All politicians are greedy lying scum, real servants of the country stopped around about 1969 when the class of professional mp moved in.

    There is not one of them who wouldn't sell their mother down the river for promotion, I believe GB's mother is now dead, or drop their husband or wife like a hot t'rd if it threatened their place at the trough, Mr Cook, and that dodgy blair babe who is estranged from her Italian loving husband spring to mind.

    I used to travel a round trip of 128 miles a day to get to work, no b'gger offered to buy me a new house which I could keep, at your expense.

    Now if a job seeker refuses a job within 90 minutes travel time of their house they lose their sixty quid a week allowance from a bunch of crooks who can claim 250 pounds A MONTH without receipts, it is good to see them being so careful with our taxes.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Like I said on other threads - they run their offices like a business, they should be taxed like a business, and they should account for the money they take from US even more carefully than a business.

    When we run companies and make a profit from providing goods or services, we are required by law to keep very detailed accounts of all income and expenditure - it's actually quite a rigorous process and is subject to VAT inspections which can cost the businesses thousands of pounds to 'host' - and of course, any screw-ups and it's possible to go straight to jail.

    Personally, I think that if a person or organisation is drawing fropm the public purse, yes, that's right, spending the money that has been taken directly out of the voting public's pocket, without their explicit consent, then those spending that money have a FAR GREATER duty to account for EVERY penny they spend, and they should be directly answerable for it, including with prison sentences if they are caught dipping their hands in the till.

  3. It is OUTRAGEOUS that some people (MPs) are not subject to the Inland Revenue rules for tax.

    How can this be?

    The filth currently ruling us, as part of their campaign of 'Envy, Malice and Spite', even engineered Her Majesty to be subjected to their rules.

    NOT MPs though! - The Revolution cannot be far off!

    No wonder the disgusting shite Cohen bragged about his milking of the system - he knew he was not subject to the same rules as the rest of us.
  4. ''My point being'' Why are MPs given tax as well as other advantages,over the people,that they are supposed to 'govern'

  5. We all talk revolution and think revolution, because of this Tax thing and many other injustices heaped upon us by "politicians" yet here we are, preparing to vote in Dave and his cronies who are all as bad (notice Dave will ban second homes allowance only for his richest few who can well afford to do without) The only thing that will change is the colour of the Flag, it will still be the "trough" and the same "pigs" and we will still keep filling it, ad infinitum. Where is the man we need? or the small group? who can unite enough of the country behind them, to right the injustices we suffer daily. Revolution!!! bring it on...kill the politicians, and all the left wing chief constables, root them out and string them up....a dog won,t stop trying to bite you until you whack it hard enough to show it who,s boss. We need a lesson in the streets, something really dark and malevolent,(not some crusties throwing a few bricks)( strangely enough only the forces have the organisation to conduct the kind of campaign of terror that the chavs and politicos need to scare them into "behaving themselves" and yet we are all pledged not to do that sort of thing!! talk about catch 22?
  6. As ever day now passes the individual politicians become the story, NOT the work they are doing on OUR behalf, WHY?

    I don't believe they are ALL on the take, albeit by the rules of their Green Book, however, more and more this smacks of "Do as we say, NOT as we do"!

    "Perks of Fraud"?
  7. Kill politicians and "left wing" Chief Constables? Root them out and string them up? Something dark and malevolent on the streets? A campaign of terror?

    I hope you were pi55ed when you posted that.

  8. Oh I don't know, seems perfectly reasonable to me.
    After all the punishment for Treason is supposed to be death.
  9. No I wasn,t pissed, just fcucking we all should be. What have we become....a nation of jellyfish......I,m actually glad I was in the mob last time there was talk of a coup. At least somebody was so angry they actually thought about doing something real and there was something I could actually agree with.
  10. For the past 1500 years there have been rulers and serfs. Starting with the Royal Family, Land Lords who drew their own armies and set their own taxes to take from others by force. Throughout Britich history the rich have corrupted money from those beneath them. A revolution is nigh on impossible because the Police protect the rich instead of local armies and 'big brother' you under the Terrorism Act. Oh it's a beauty. So what has changed over the past 1500 years? Nothing. But it will. And it is.
  11. So PandaLove are you saying that the revolution is coming???? before I croak??? I,m 52...will I get to see the worm turn?? and right thinking people take back our streets and our country from those who would subvert it to some kind of twisted commie place, full of Chavs, bent politicians, rich people grabbing ever more money from the poor (I,m not unaware that the rich are wealth creators - but they can sometimes be too greedy) and bankers chancing it with our money? I don,t want some dream of "how it used to be" I want a better place than the crap hole it is now!!!!!!
  12. My bold. What 'work'?
  13. What a silly boy.
  14. Bit longer than that. Since the first creatures came out of the trees and started to live in caves there have been those 'in charge' and the others. That's life.