Tax simplification

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Yeah
    A flat tax, everything below a certain figure free, zero tax, then a flat rate on ALL the remaining income.
    And above all no, none, zero, zilch allowances.
    12K for basic figure then 22% has been suggested.
    The Poor pay nothing and the rich & seriously rich contribute.
    No Tax Lawyers or the vast Army of Civil Servants that control the current 'Mess'.
    Simple in'it.
  3. No.

    Because the rick kick off that they will actually have to contribute, in line with their earnings, and the CS and tax gurus kick off because they lose jobs.

    The fact that it help the economy and helps every one out, by beng simple doesn´t factor in.

    Have the Amercians been reading Tom Clancy again? THis was in his books.

    I agree with it. It would make things fair and simple.
  4. I have a vague recollection of the Tories starting to look at his a couple of years ago. A watered down version was knocked about, ridiculed by the government and then quietly dropped. If you were starting with a blank sheet - it would be the obvious starting point however there are too many groups who like the seriously over-complicated system we have, not least of which the government who can hide stuff in the detail.
  5. This smacks of joined up thinking, and is therefore quiet unacceptable to any UK politician.

    You could extend the idea: we have a minimum wage, would that not be the sensible place to start income tax? We have an obesity problem: no VAT on fresh food, pile it on processed foods. Problems with inheritance tax? Tax the bequest not the estate. (In other words if someone leaves £10 million to some lucky kid - taxed a lot. If someone leaves £10 million to 20 different people - no tax) Corporation Tax: capital investment, wages, R&D and training are tax exempt - nothing else.

    Taxation applies no matter how the funds are paid, or where they are paid. If you are resident in this country, you pay. It is your responsibility to demonstrate that you are not a resident.

    Local income tax instead of council tax. Local authorities have the power to tax by the owner of residential properties. Taxation has become a dirty word. Actually it is one of your most fundamental responsibilities as a citizen. If you don't think that it is being spent correctly. Vote; get ionvolved.

    There is loads more - but you will have to wait for my manifesto. (Just left the Army. Want a job with loads of power but no responsibility. So it is obviously PM or Chancellor for me!)

    How you go about setting the various rates would be difficult.
  6. Tax and payng tax on alreday taxed income really gets up my snout. Being taxed on savings income, paying "road tax" contributions that go straight to Central government. Non tax payers abusing the system that we pay into. Dont get me started on tax!