Tax Self Assessment - An idiots guide???

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by dd724, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. I'm completing my tax self-assessment for the first time this year and have heard lots of rumors about what can and can't be claimed by people in the army.

    The way I see it is there must be an "idiots guide" to what we can and can't get tax relief on, or there will be someone out there who knows the facts.

  2. Because I was self employed for a while I had to do self assessment. When I went back to being employed in a normal job I still got the self assessment forms every year. They are a real pain in the aarse to fill out so I devised a simple way to do it and be as big a git to the tax office as I could at the same time. You simply go along to your tax office on the last day of self assessment and say you did not receive your form. They give you a form you then tell them "oh by the way I can`t read and write. They then give you a tax officer who fills out the form using his PC to access all your relevant tax details. This being done you are asked to sign it and thats that. Remember to walk out with a smile and a "see you next year !".

    Worked for me anyway.
  3. If you are employed full time by the army then you shouldn't need to fill in a tax return as you are on PAYE. As you are employed your employer provides all the equipment you need to do your job so you can't claim for anything else - if there is any tax relief applicable to your situation then it will have been already factored in to your personal annual tax free allowance (your tax code).

    If on the other hand you want to try and claim for boot polish, haircuts and razor blades (and try and say that the cost is wholly and exclusively incurred due to your business) then you need to read the FT Guide to Personal Tax (Amazon £12).

    I wouldn't bother with it if I were you as there is nothing that a full time army employee can legitimately claim (maybe mileage top up?).

    If you were a civvy, is it reasonable to say that you would go for a year without a wash, shave or haircut?

    I stand by to be corrected by people who's "mates" have claimed mileage, soap, shaving foam, tailoring, birthday presents, petrol, mess subs etc etc.
  4. Unless of course you let your house when posted overseas?
  5. I was about to reply and realised that the OP has posted once and vanished!

    We can claim tax relief for various things even though we are employed by the Army, but I question whether it is worth all the aggravation if you only have your salary.

    This is a quick list and is not exhaustive! You can claim tax relief on:

    Professional fees
    Charitable donations
    Pension top-ups (AVCs)
    Mileage claims where you are not fully recompensed
    Letting property (complex)

    I dare say there are others, and I will check the next time I am in the HMRC tax site.