Tax Returns

Have just put in a long night with loads of strong black coffee and cigarettes trying to work through my Tax Return.

The biggest problem being the period I spent mobilised and the minefield of provisions related to reimbursement of expenses from one’s employer.

Anyone got any advice on the following:-

1. Living Accommodation – supposed to declare the cash equivalent of any accommodation – what’s the story when you are out in some sh*t hole on Ops ?? IR claim my employer ( the Army) should have given me a figure for this – B*lox

2. Mileage allowance – do we have to declare the re-imbursement for mileage to and from our TA centre?

3. Private medical insurance – have to declare the ‘cash equivalent ‘of medical services provided. What do the Regular Army declare? IR claim my employer ( the Army) should have given me a figure for this – B*lox

4. Other benefits – what are we supposed to do- make a wild guess how many meals we consumed whilst mobilised? What about TA service – cost of meals on the weekend? Cost of ORPs?

5. Expense payments received – when mobilised the Army didn’t have any accommodation for my lot, so we were sent out to motels before we went – paid for by us and re-imbursed. Am I supposed to go through all my credit card statements and add that up?

6. Non residence provisions – can we claim for this if we were abroad on Ops? I recall a story about anOfficer who was knocked back for a Brit Passport cos he was out of the country - can't have it both ways surely. Home Office with one set of rules and IR with another ??

7. Professional Fees and expenses – can I claim for compulsory donations to regimental funds? What about Mess functions that are a ‘three line whip’ ?

Would appreciate any steer on this as frankly it has been a nightmare. Any AGC out there that can give some advice?

Yet another reason to leave the TA , quite frankly with the travel, meals etc, it just makes life too complex.
The good news is that, unless the TA is completely different from the Regular Army in this area, which is unlikely, this is really easy:

1. No requirement for any figure - accn prov by the Army is not viewed as a benefit.

2. No - this is an agreed allowance that only makes good your costs - there is no benefit.

3. Nil - Military health care is for the Army's benefit, not yours.

4 and 5 - same again

6. Sadly, not for your military service.

7. Good news - you can claim the difference between basic and higher rate tax (if you are a higher rate tax payer) on covenanted payments to charity, including to Corps or regimental funds. Note that the funds must have charitable status, and the payments must be covenanted. This figure goes in box 15a, I think. The answer on mess functions is "no".

You should be able to get the definitive line from the tax office that deals with regulars (PD2, in Cardiff), which certainly knows all the ins and outs.

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