Tax Returns and Uniform Upkeep Allowance

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Pincon, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. I'm just fumbling my way through this year's tax return online. Does anyone know what to do with the £589.32 for Uniform Upkeep Allowance stated on my P60? Does it count as an expense or a benefit or should I just ignore it?
  2. Just ignore it - your P60 should give you a 'net pay' amount that is less the OUR and any charitable donations from pay, and then show you a Gross Pay, which is 'pay in service' + OUR + Donations. The amount that you enter against salary (to pay tax on) is the 'pay in service' - ie you do not pay tax on your OUR, nor on any payroll donations
  3. How do I get this uniform upkeep thingy??

    What number do I call?
  4. It is for officers only. They have to buy their Service Dress, Mess Dress and Blues and have to replace shirts/shoes/socks etc at their own expense. They are also expected to buy decent suits for use in the MOD. When ORs go to jobs that require the wearing of civvies (such as working in London) they get an allowance but officers do not.

    Back to the original question - ignore it; it is already accounted for in your net figures on the P60.
  5. Is it available for TA?
  6. Yeah right!
  7. Percy Thanks for the answer.

    However I was referring to the allowance that I know nurses et al get for the laundering of their uniforms. Can we get this also?

    I do not wish to sound like a miser but I would rather a few hundred quid back in my pocket to spend on fine wines, than given to some single mother with skittles kids (each a different shade of the rainbow) to blow on the latest fake burberry skip hats/ Elizabeth Duke sovereign ring etc!