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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brown_dog, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Having dutifully filled out my tax self assessment in Jan this year, and finding no issues, I was some what dissapointed to get a £650 bill in the post last week. I thought that I must have missed something off; however, I spoke to the tax office to find that Glasgow had failed to take enough tax contributions out of my pay over the last tax year.
    Has anyone else suffered in this this unusual? Alternatively, could someone far brighter than me tell me how to get out of it!

  2. sounds very strange, do you have any income apart from army pay? Although you wouldn't normally be completing a return if not!!

  3. I did have a house which I co owned with wife, which was let out; however, we have made a loss on it for the last few years and the tax office tells me that I did tick the box to carry forward the loss to the following tax year.

    Apart from that - no other earnings; the only thinbg I can think of is that I messed up the tax return. I am due to call the pay people up at APC on Monday to find out if they can see anything.

  4. B_D you can look at yr P60 on armynet I'm happy to look at it for you and let you know if what you have paid is correct if you are happy to PM me a screenshot. All you normally get from JPAC ref tax is the standard "nothing to do with us" response.

  5. You must have told them that you had an expected let out rate. It pays to employ an accountant in these circumstances. Can be done retro, but you will have to request a stay of execution or will be liable for the tax.

    All income above and beyond your normal pay is taxable, weather your company (Let house) looses or not