Tax relief for upkeep of uniform

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FNUSNU, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. How pathetic. No wonder the country's bust. I've never heard anything so feeble in my lfe. You want a tax exemption to keep your clothes clean? Get real.
  2. Not really. Armed Forces personnel already receive an allowance on their tax code which takes into account all the things that can be claimed for (eg haircuts). If you would prefer to claim for it all yourself, the tax-man will give you a new code, and allow you to fill in a self-assessment. If, like Ken, you want to get real and save the country from becoming bust, ask the tax-man for the new code, but don't fill in the self-assessment form, and you will simply pay more tax than your oppos but be able to feel smug.
  3. Oh, dear God, now I've heard it all. Claiming a haircut off the taxman? PLEASE tell me this is just a dream...
  4. Look at your PAYE coding. There should be an amount on there under the title 'flat rate job expenses' or similar. This takes into account everything that we can legitimately claim for, including laundering of uniform, haircuts, purchase of boot polish, etc.
  5. How do our flat rate tax-deductible job expenses compare with MPs and the Civil Service, anyone know?

    Might be good for a chuckle.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    In the same way you can claim tax relief on membership of organisations if they're relevant to your service, eg RUSI, IISS, Institute of Linguists etc.
  7. One small fly in the ointment for you on this, is that as you are Army personnel you have an entitlement for the cleaning of your uniform at public expense. There was an attempt a few years ago by a number of personnel to gain tax relief on the laundering/cleaning of uniform. It fell flat of its face because of the exisiting entitlements.

    JSP 886, Vol 6 Part 5 will give it you in black and white, but basically, if you have been issue it as part of your clothing scales, then the Army has a remit to clean it. There are various methods by which they can do this, they can provide washing machines and detergent for you, or you can hand it in for laundering by the unit, either way, if you aren't getting the QM to pay, then you are missing a trick. You wil not, absolutely not, get HMRC to give you anything back for the laundering/dry cleaning of uniform because of this entitlement.

    I'm afraid that you will have to stand your ground with your unit. There is nothing that they can do about it, the JSP states that you have an entitlement, so grow some balls and sort it out. You'll get every excuse under the book, you'll get derided, laughed at even, but it's there and you can use it, and even if you are the only one on the unit that makes use of it, they have to accommodate you.

    I would suggest that you enquire with your QM, and if rebuffed, put a test claim in on JPA stating that you have attempted to follow JSP 886 and that you have been refused, your claim will not get authorised, but you can then use this as your battering ram.

    Of course, it's quite possible that your unit aleady has the required services and you just don't know about them. Try asking.
  8. Going back to about 5 years ago, there is always a system in place where the QM's will launder your clothes/sleeping bags/issued kit.

    I'd look for the link, but I'm waiting for Mr Tesco to deliver my Lemsips.

    Would someone please have a laugh and try and claim on JPA for it? That would double make my day.
  9. I've always been allowed to claim this due to being a nurse and no laundering facilities are available now. You have to sign a declaration that you boil wash your uniforms. The washer uses approx 30p p/hr so you don't cover the cost. Professional subscriptions are also allowed to be claimed for but you don't get the full amount.
  10. You get tax relief on the full amount, so if the full amount was £100, you would get back the tax you pay on that amount ie £20 for basic rate taxpayers, £40 for those on the higher rate, or £50 for those on the top rate.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    This brings in to question the whole professional memberships scam where institutes are set up to take money from you. Back when the flood gates opened on this in the late 80's most companies would support 100 % 1 of these at a time. If they dont pay for it then its patently not needed by your employer for work and you can stop funding these jumped up self important rule makers!
    Lantra is another money making scam!
  12. Joe I believe you used to be able to do this (a few of my colleagues did) but I was told it was stopped. I been to a few units where there is no provision for laundry, regional commands are a good example. Even in SLA where machines are provided, I've never seen detergent provided, the blokes have always had to buy it themselves.
    Hobo the point is there are things we have to do for our job unlike civvie st, like haircuts and shaving etc and the tax code was a form of recompense. The women used to get something towards hosiery even though they wore CS95 but we got nothing even when shaving every day. No need to have an aneurysm either, just provoking debate.
  13. I get shoe and tights allowance it's about £50 a year.
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  14. I use the dobbie system for doss bags. Go into CQ, hand stinking one over, and he gives you a shiny clean one. Simple. Except on one occassion - under previous management to be fair - a doss bag was handed out and a used tampon had been squirreled away in the drying pocket on the inside. To be fair it had dried but that one clearly came out of the field and skipped the rigourous "Daz test".