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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by rudi, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. The Tax refund given for deployment to Afghanistan , I thought was to go into soldiers account BEFORE they got back from tour? if its not there WHO is to blame , after a 7 month tour we were looking forward to a family holiday and hubby is back in 9 days and still no bonus????
  2. Its not a tax refund, it is an operational allowance. When your husband is moved and tracked out of theatre this should start the process for payment. My own experience, last year I got it a month after I had been back ,the year before that the month I was back. Some people were paid it before they got back. It seems to depend on each units RAO admin .
  3. I assume you’re referring to the 50% council tax refund?

    If so then you need to apply for that with your local council.

    If they are unable to process it (and some councils can’t) then you need a letter from then stating so and your council tax bill for the period of your husband’s tour. These can then be passed to your husband’s AGC clerk who will pay the refund into his next pay packet.
  4. I think she is talking about the operational allowance, which some people think, wrongly, is a tax refund.
  5. The Operational Allowance was given in response to calls to match the US system where soldiers on tour pay no income tax, the level of OA is based on the amount of tax paid by the lowest paid soldier, and it is often described as such, so it's no wonder it's a popular misconception.
  6. Your op allowance is supposed to be paid before he leaves theatre but they are not legally bound in any way and so on, so as already said it does depend on his unit admin and how organised they are. Don't be surprised if it's late. Mine came through on first day of POTL so I was lucky but I know many whose was delayed. And one of my mates was payed in two installments 3 months after tour.
  7. I think it used to be triggered when you were scanned out of theatre, not sure about now though.
  8. Thats what is meant to happen in theory, but doesn't always work in practice
  9. Thanks for your help guys , its just other units he has worked with have got theirs and they aint left theatre yet? and he was told before they left it would be in before they got back , and knowing the way it works if you dont get it by the 17th of a month it wont be in till the following month which is too late for our holiday money??? we are screwed , just needed to know WHO was to blame for this screw up and if there was any way to speed it up , but thanks anyway
  10. No one is to blame as such but the Rear Party Admin department could have worked the issue out. The operational allowance is paid for each day in a qualifying theatre. There is no 'requirement' to have it paid before returning from theatre BUT some units will pay the full anticipated amount so that it hits the pay run in time for Post Tour Leave OR they will pay the amount earnt so far in time to hit the bank in time for Post Tour Leave. The first option may result in an overpayment in case flights change that will require paying back, the second means the full amount isn't received and a second later payment will be made to make good the difference.
  11. Sorry, I forgot to ask how you know it isn't going to hit with the September pay run? It could have been processed and be going in at the end of the month.
  12. basically you and your husband for spending money you dont have yet! is it a screw up? yes it is, you should have waited until you had confirmation that the money was going in, as the pay statements usually say the date the money will be 'in by'.

    who told you it would be in the bank before he returned from the deployment? was it during an official briefing or was it duty rumour?
  13. Rudi, I agree with Filbert. This is not something that can be blamed on someone. No matter what you've been told, there could be a thousand different reasons why the OA hasn't hit the banks when you assumed it would. The clerks do their best (and I am not one) to get the cash in, but depending on the pay run & EOT dates it may or may not have been possible to get in in in time.

    This is why I try not to spend money I don't have, and wait until it is in the bank before committing...
  14. It reminds me of one or 2 amazingly stupid junior soldiers who needed constantly reminding that just because they had cheques in their cheque book (anyone remember those?) it didn't mean that had money in their bank account.
  15. Why do people need to blame someone all the time? Things can sometimes take a while to happen and the magical 'instant gratification and steely eyed remf death dealer' fairy is often busy. Mine took 6 weeks to be paid but i didnt feel the need to go and be a j1 nightmare.
    Harsh advice time but never plan your finances on any income or allowance other than your basic salary, otherwise it can get messy.