Tax rebates - time limits and help required.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by jeromesausage, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. Morning gents, shockingly hot morning here in Pompey and with the temp set to hit 30+, sat here in the buff sweating over my laptop. Enjoy your breakfasts!!!

    Anyway, bit of advice required. It is my understanding that when I served, during the period 90-98 my payslips show a wrong tax code before it was adjusted and it appears that I was paying too much tax before it was readjusted.

    I apprecaite that is quite a long time ago - if I put in a reqest to have it looked at, am I out of date to have a tax rebate - is there a time limit on claiming these?

    Further, does anyone know of a central point of contact where I can send this enquiry. I appreciate HMRC is a massive organisation and dont want an equiry lost in the system.

    Any help greatly appreciated guys. In the meantime, back to your mental images :)

    Enjoy the sun JS.

    Mong spelling due to sweaty fingers and a general indifference to any effort!
  2. 6 years , I believe.
    I think you're too late, but I'm sure an accountant type will confirm presently.