Tax rebate ye haw

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ViolentBadger, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Got a tax rebate through the mail today, ye haw..........for £12.66.

    So shall I blow it on booze and women or give it to a charity for asylum seekers ?

    actualy I shall put it in an RBL tin for a poppy
  2. VB, at least two pints there mate, maybe three if you slum it.
  3. I was rather hoping for a pint and a tit wank
  4. You forgot amatuer dramatics in your poll
  5. Tax rebate, you thieving barsteward?! Doesn't tha realise tha's stealing another ivory back-scratcher from a Management Consultant in the NHS?

    Send it back to Gordy before he notices it's missing!
  6. £12.66? Hmm, seems that my colleagues are slacking there, sending a rebate's bad enough, but we much prefer to send you a letter saying that we owe you £9.99 and we don't normally refund sums under a tenner for cost reasons. :twisted:
  7. Why for £12.66 you could buy this!


    A (VHG2) Dimmer switch Georgian Brass 2g 1w 250w for £12.66, yes £12.66!

  8. You could get this...

  9. No he couldn't - he's 33p short!
  10. More to the point...

    You got mail? I thought that the mail bods were still shirking.
  11. I knew that the Arrsers couldn't resist a lunchtime google-down on "£12.66"...(sits back to enjoy a plethora of £12.66 bargain items...)
  12. I know, I hate myself for it, but it has to be done.

  13. Nice one :D
  14. You are all as toys for cuddles' sport! Mwa-ha-ha...and oh so predictable!

    (Though lovely too!)