Tax Rebate for washing of uniforms.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Titch79, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. I found this article on the Money saving expert website, Boost Your Income: 60+ ways to bring in extra cash... and thought I was on to a winner as I meet all the requirements. It refers to employees who have to wash thier own uniform at thier own expense can claim the tax back on it for the previous 6 years.
    I sent a letter off to HM Revenue and Customs and within a couple of weeks got my response. It said that my employer (MOD) have informed them that they provide washing services for my uniform so I don't qualify.
    Does anybody currently serving in the army in the UK have a washing service in place within their unit that will wash their uniform for free?
  2. Every one has, its called the QM's. Take your grungy kit to the QM and they will put it through the contracted laundry service. Same as used for issued bedding, coveralls, table clothes, etc. So pop down there, although they'll probably **** you off for being a bone idle money grabbing ponce
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  3. When I was in;

    Greasy coveralls, dirty parka, doss bag etc into the QM's, everything else in the twinn tub or in the bath in the block.

    Joined HMP;

    Credited by taxman for cleaning kit, but everything went into the industrial washing machine in Reception supervised by the Reception Orderly (RED BAND).

    Just as well Screws had a complete reissue of uniform every year, as 12 months of washing in the industrial washing machine wore the kit out and made it thread bare.

    When challenged by the Governors, I explained it was cheaper than writing the uniform off on a weekly basis as I was not taking clothing home that was unhygiene due to the strange ways of the clients.
  4. you used to be able to claim the tax back on your boot polish and razor blades ( so im led to beleive)
    as it was required to polish your boots and shave for duty therefore was classed as tax deductable.

    i never knew anyone who did, has it ever really happend?
  5. Boot Polish 'still' gets issued, along with occasionally other various amounts of kit, ie: a Pr of Sealskinz socks,

    However I've never known anyone with the brassneck to try & request a tax refund to date, but no doubt someone on here will show up given time ;-)
  6. If you do 22 years as a Tom it gets included in your RSM's pension
  7. "Not on this end RSM"
  8. Note.... axe..... RSM.... money...................................
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How often is this subject going to come up?

  10. As often as "when do we get paid this month?"
  11. It's easy to get this train three years become a nurse and pocket the pence that it's worth.
  12. I'd not accuse folk looking to reduce their tax of being chippy - there's enough smug b*stards driving round the Square Mile in Porches who pay the back end of SFA tax - but they can afford to pay an accountant to know the rules inside out and claim for every penny.
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  13. I looked into this recently - as a uniformed police officer. Sent off a letter to HMRC claiming tax rebate for uniform cleaning allowance and police federation subscriptions. As the OP suggests, the maximum claim period is six years. A couple of months later my tax code was increased and I received a cheque from HMRC for £650. I wouldn't have thought about making such a claim in years gone by, but given the attitude of the government in screwing every penny they can out of me in taxes, increased pension contributions, removal of allowances etc, I thought it only fair that I should take back every penny they owe me.
  14. When you get the money back, buy a shed.
  15. QM's do it on most camps i've been on but generally get told it takes 2-4 weeks!!! i dont have enough uniform to last that long! Sleeping bags, bedding etc 1-2 weeks, why the difference i dont know