Tax Rebate For Laundry of your uniform

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vrb.biatch, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. April 07, some of us applied for a tax return for washing our uniforms, this was to be back dated upto 5 years (and worth alot of money). I and many more soldiers applied for this in Apr 07, it is now Dec 07 and nothing has happened. Is this another file 13 and we might forget about it!!! Why the hell is it taking so long?? If I owed the taxman I am sure I would have fine after fine!!!

    Anyone heard anything?? Last I heard was that the Taxman told the Army to sort the issue out itself, if thats the case I wont be holding my breathe.

    I think we should make some noise about this and try and get a result!!
  2. Nearly everyone at my unit applied for this in 2003 (allegedly £60 a year), most, including me got a letter back saying the rebate does not exist.

    Recently the tax office was bombarded again with more letters asking for the tax back, (there is a very long thread on here somewhere which includes the 'no chance' letter from the tax man) and eventually the Inland Revenue said via Soldier magazine and other media that they would look into it (cheques in the post, promise I wont cum in your mouth etc..) but no claims would be processed and people should refrain from sending any more claims in until told to do so by the CoC.

    So there you go biatch, thats why youve heard nothing.
  3. We can claim it in the Police. We used to get dry cleaning tokens but that stopped earlier in the year. We were told we can claim it off the tax man.

    I will look in to it and find out the relevant forms or section it comes under, then get back to you. If the Police can surly the Military can.

  4. IIRC the answer was no. The reasoning behind it is that you can have your uniform laundered at unit expense via your supply chain. The fact that in reality you cannot as it takes far too long makes no difference, you have the facility and that is why there is no tax rebate due.
  5. The rebate does exist. The navy got it in 2002/3. I cannot remember how much it was now but it was something like a few hundred extra in one payslip then a tax adjustment on the next shaving a hundred or so of the income tax. We just had to sign a chit at the ship's office and Centurion dealy with the rest. Dunno what the Army have to do,just surprised you never got it when we did.
  6. My sqn filled out these forms on OP herrick 6 (where a very kind WO2 handed them out) and they were all sent off unfortunly half the British army had the same idea and we were told that the tax office is snowed under with claims (in between looking for discs with personal details on)
  7. Here we go again!!!
  8. Well I didn't get it and neither did anyone I know at the time.
  9. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Same here and I applied this year after one of my signallershoved a letter under my snout that was doing the tour of the entire British Army. Not one to miss out on the prospect of some cash I submitted a copy only to get a very quick sod off.

    I then called a friend from school who works for IRC or whatever the DSS and Tax crew are called now who asked around with his colleagues in Ty Glas confirmed its no longer applicable.
  10. Likewise: Unaware of any tax rebate in the RN at the time or since. Perhaps 'someone' has been sniffing paint thinners again? 8O
  11. yeah, but you can still claim for razors, boot, polish and starch........

    (see page 98 for more details)

    But that seems to specifically apply to officers, who recieve a uniform grant - if you dont recieve a uniform grant then the normal rulkes should apply:

    Just because people have got the administrative feck off from HMRC, doesnt mean that thats the law - it seems to me that someone os going to have to take a test case on it!
  13. officers have to buy and personally maintain our service dress, for ORs it is issued as No2 dress....

    also, officers are supposed to pay for kit exchanges, but i've yet to serve at any unit where this is enforced
  14. Goon,

    I do hope your integrity didn't fail you and you insisted on paying in any case! Especially a man on your pay grade!!
  15. Matelot,
    We all got it on the Cov. Was worked out in tiers I think...less than 5 years sea time..less than 10...etc etc. Was before it switched to worldwide laundry.