Tax Rebate For Doing My Washing

This is from a letter in the Finance Section of the Money Mail (Daily Mail) Wed 29th July 09

Maybe one of our payarrses can confirm this.

For years I have worked in a care home for the elderly. Like most people in such jobs, I was asked to wear a uniform, which I had to look after myself. It got dirty quickly, so sometimes I had to do a full load of washing a week, just for my uniforms.

It doesn't sound like a lot on its own, but it started to add up. Then I read that people who had to wear a uniform for their work are entitled to a tax break, if they have to wash their uniforms at home.

Employees should be told about their rules by their employers. But what when I tackled the care home, they wouldn't do anything about it.

So I wrote to HM revenue and Customs. I told them my name address and national insurance number. They wrote back asking for more details about my employer and how long I worked there. Then I got a £70 tax rebate.

It was so easy they also altered my tax code so i got an allowance every year.

My question is, if this is correct does it also applied to Armed forces?
If i remember right it applys to the navy and not the army. As there is 'supposidly' a system in place for the army to get there kit washed. Although nobody uses it, if i remember correctly.
this comes round more often than the bloody Starbucks story!

You can take your uniforms to the QMs, they have a contract with a Laundry company (including a dry cleaning service), it may take forever to get your kit back, but the system is in place. Other places supply washing machines in the blocks/messes either free or at a subsidised price.

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