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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Scaley_Geek, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Hello All,

    First time poster, long time lurker. so go gentle.

    I've been thinking about joining the TA and there are 3 TA R Signals units equidistant from where I live.

    As I'm a higher bracket tax payer I'm just wondering who would be responsible for the resulting tax issues. Would it be possible for the TA to stop it at source or would it be down to me to sort out?

    If anyone has any experience of this I would appreciate it if you can enlighten me. I've already spoken to two of the units unfortunately they couldn't give me a definitive answer.

  2. From experience, your TA income would have a tax code of BR (which means you would have tax deducted at 22%).

    You would be responsible for declaring your TA pay and would be liable to pay the difference between basic rate and higher rate.

    Hope that helps (and doesn't put you off joining).

    Good luck!
  3. Welcome to the site, S_G. Most of us are reasonably gentle, apart from *** and ******** who are both such unattractive souls that they have to force themselves on people! You have been warned! :twisted:

    I assume that, as a higher rate taxpayer, you are already familiar with the tax return, or have you been signed off? By that, I mean, have you been invited to cough up through your salary and "we'll sort this out sometime in the future?" which usually works in favour of HMRC!?

    It is just another source of income. The MOD will remove tax at 20%, which is the basic rate for 08/09, before giving it to you and you have to pay the rest of the tax (20%) in January, after completing a tax return.

  4. Thanks very much for the info guys, it's probably easier for me to sort out anyway.

    Just got to decide which unit now.


  5. which RSigs units you thinkin of??