Tax Payments

Got Junes pay statement only to find that this month ive paid around £200 less in tax for some strange reason.

Normally id be jumping for joy but you just know the fcukers will want it back.

Whats the score? do i just let it ride and see what they take off me next month? or can i ring the tax office and find out whats going on.

Can my pay office sort it out as its a tax matter or is it down to me?

Any advice on this subject is most welcome.
I take it you mean May pay - statement as at 31 May?? Jun statements not yet produced!! - Assuming you've nothing else coming in taxable, rent etc and that your tax code is 489. Look at the box on your pay statement marked "Amount on which tax assessed", take off this figure £1164.16 then multiply the resultant figure by 22% and add £34.83 this should be somewhere near the figure in the box "Tax paid to date" if it is you should be safe to assume your tax is correct, if not your initial point of contact should be your pay bod who may be able to help (probably not) failing that you would need to ring the tax man - fraid I don't have the No to hand but your pay bod should have it, if not let me know via these means and I will get back to you. Did you get anything extra in Apr main pay? or on a supplementary statement? if so this could explain the reduction this month as you may have been taxed on some of your previous income at the higher rate which has now been adjusted?? Please bear in mind the calculation I have given is a guide only, obviously not knowing your personal circumstances I cannot guarantee to be spot on.
Heres a quick heads up for anyone getting out in Germany.

DON'T tell anyone about your Terminal Grant/Pension.

I am fighting the Boxhead tax authoritie cnuts in the courts at the moment as they want to tax me.

I have had to pay a sort of tax on my pension as it is "unearned" income which is stuck on top of my pay but they are trying to get me to pay full income tax on the rest of it as well despite this being disallowed under the UK/D Double taxation agreement.

I should win but the paperwork and heart ache is a bitch.

So if you get out in Germany keep those payments to yourself...

I wish someone had warned me about this before I got out.

Oh and if you are wondering why I told them it was because I was threatened with a tax audit when I bought my house..

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