Tax Payers Money Wasted

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lacrabat, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. and obviously less to go round from the defence budget.
    Refurbished vehicles going straight for disposal. Why not get some use out of them and let Withams have the old dross ?
    The old story of departments not talking to one another or some other MOD incompetence ?

    Any other eye openers out there that might result in questions being raised ?
  2. It depends how the accounting for these vehicles is done.

    All vehicles have an initial book value (normally starts with the purchase price). This reduces every year by a set depreciation rate. In civilian companies this is normally set at 25% per annum, thus after 4 years the car is in theory worth nothing to the company.

    I believe the MoD does something similar, and most of these vehicles are very old (most at least 10-15 years (if not more). The book value of them is still next to zero, but there is an associated annual cost of maintaining them (several hundred pounds per year per vehicle). Is the MoD ever going to need them? Not really.

    The price seems a bit cheap though: currently there is massive demand for these vehicles in Africa, where they can command prices around 20,000USD. Also you need to find out who refurbished them. Was it part of a training course, or all done by fully qualified personnel?

    Either way, the army is better off selling them for whatever it can.
  3. I didn't make it too clear in my inane rambling. The Bedfords were refurbished at ABRO at a cost of £12,000 ( I think ) apiece. Basically they then went straight to disposal.
    In the grand scheme of things it my not be much but it would help pay for a few more seating systems so we could still use the old shitters we have left.
    I'm not too sure of the facts so I won't comment on the RB44's that may have gone straight from Bowmanisation to casting/canibilised. :wink:
  4. The RB44 should of gone from the showroom to the scrap yard, what a complete waste of time, space and money. Who was involved with this cluster and who made out of it, what company was saved from the chop?

    Agreed with a waste of money, maybe a better way would be for Withams to drive round camps picking sheds up that dont move after few months.
  6. Hmm, since those nasty people took all our Green Fleet and started hoarding them..maybe I should put in a bid
  7. At Withams today I saw loads of Bedfords(old and new) line after line! also some Saxons that looked brand new, Landrovers - loads of CVR's , CETS's, Chieftain AVLB's... even a Wolf ambulance ...every 3 months or so theres always loads. The ironic thing is I passed some Army vehs on the A1 (a rare sight nowadays) and the Bedfords AND landrovers I saw were older than some of those in the sale.....
  8. If you had got past Age 9 in your education, you would have understood. Your use of 'berk' also underlines your lack of any brain.

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    Sleeping with a moderator by any chance?
  9. I wont call you a Berk because I dont want to be classed as a 9 year old but Im sure you can give us a explanation for your Queen Anne is dead quote cant you?