Tax-payers money, tony blair, Italians and a holiday villa

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 9, 2005.

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  2. It won't get printed in certain sections of the UK press though , not now that the Campbell is back.

    Anymore Royal-bashing stories yet? :roll:
  3. Had to look at Yahooo to find this :?

    Im sure there are at least 2 or 3 more royal scandals due out before the election

    Smoke and mirrors and all that :roll:
  4. Come on people, is this the best we can do. Your opinions please?
  5. Err, I somehow doubt anyone will get very angry that Blair invited, like, *two of his own cabinet* to Chequers. Mind you the Italian twerp might be more worthwhile
  6. Biiiiiiiig deal.

    This is along the lines of "Small earthquake in Chile, not many hurt. "

    That grating noise is the bottom of the barrel being scraped. Pointing out that ( shock, horror ) the SCIENCE MINISTER was entertained - FFS.....

    What next? MP caught urinating in Public Convenience? Wears clashing shirt and tie ensemble? Carried pack of fags into a non-smoking carriage?
  7. "The revelations will raise concern about the ethics of entertaining at taxpayers' expense the people who bankroll the party, it said".

    What ethics does Bliar have? I've not noticed any for the past few years - apart from some dubious morality jag where he has to apologise for the potato famine, sundry Victorian offences and of course the freed Guilford however many there may have been.
  8. Bravo-bravo, are you alistair campbell in disguise or did you not read tyhe whole article?

    The whole point of the article was to highlight the fact that Tony Blair used taxpayers money to throw a banquet for an Italian Business man who gave Blair a free Holiday in one of his many Villas in Italy

    Does that not ring bells with you? Cronyism, bribery, dodgy dealings? This just shows how blair will use public resources (and laws) to benefit his cronies/labour party donators.

    As for your point on Lord Sainsbury (science minister), granted he is a member of the govt, but what you may have missed is that he is the labour parties biggest benefactors, and has had numerous decisions go his way after making sizeable donations to the labour coffers.

    Reflections of Bernie Ecclestone or the Hinduja brothers anyone?
  9. I though Campbell just dropped himself in the sticky brown stuff again by releasing some email about how the BBC can all "f***, you t****" or something like that? Apparently a Downing Street spokesman said he wasn't part of the Government anymore and so they didn't have to comment.

    Personally, right now I am more concern that Clive Woodward is going to use c*ntbell for the PR on the Lions tour to New Zealand later this year. He'll wind the Kiwis up so much we'll get a sh1tkicking from the locals before we even make it out of the players tunnel!