Tax on water

I'm so glad that I had bottled water in not too long ago, and that the mains water company delivered some free of charge too. The water up here was nicely infected with cryptosporidium. Nothing like the risk of uncontrollably crapping yourself to change your shopping habits. I agree with taxing poncy foreign water though.

on a less serious note, maybe we need to import foreign water as every year we get told the reservoirs are almost empty/ it was the wrong kind of rain/ it fell in the wrong places/ leaves on the pipes etc
Crypto is not a good thing, as I take it you have guessed, were you having problems in Caterick by anychance?

If so, PM and I can send you contact details for the firm, if not I can send you contact details for anywhere else. Compensation goes via Ofwat as Crypto is a biggie.

Edit due to beer fingers ;-p
...It would be very difficult to implement
Understatement of the fcuking century
Income tax is bloody difficult to implement and that's fairly simple. VAT (a more comparable system, but still simpler than this) is a real pain in the arrse to operate with God knows how many pieces of legislation and court cases etc over the years to close loopholes.

but wouldn't it be the fairest, most practical and most efficient way to deal with the serious problems we’re facing?
You have got to be having a giraffe? This is one of the most unworkable ideas for a new tax I've heard in years. It should stay on the Internet, like so many half-baked ideas.


What's that boss? They've decided to introduce a new tax treatment on bottled water that's been on an aircraft at some stage in its existence?
No problem, we'll get right on it :roll:

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With Water companies about to slam a massive 15% increase in the price of your drinking water, is this yet another of Broon's Stealth Taxes?

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