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I am a student currently in TA, despite being my main income my TA tax code is BR ( Basic Rate ) and have justed volunteered for compulsory mobilisation on Telic 9.

1. How can my tax code for normal earnings be corrected - no-one in my unit seems to know and no-one can tell them?

2. Will I automatically get an appropriate tax code once mobilisation begins?

Any help would be most - um - helpful. :?:


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Thanks for all the help boys :D , luckily the TA forum provided the answer, you can always rely on the TA you know :D !
I apologise ahead for lowering the tone and of being no f'in use to you re. your question but the only way you can avoid paying any sort of tax with that prick Brown at No. 11 is by topping yourself. Even then your kids will pay death tax. They'll **** you in the grave so they will.

But it's very honest of you to be concerned enough to ask the question. Good luck on Telic 9, remember, while away on ops, laying it on the line your tax will be paying for all sorts of shite for all sorts of freeloaders back home. Nice thought isn't it?
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