Tax on Sugary Drinks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dontenn, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Sugary Drink Tax 'Could Pay For School Meals'

    Yet again some quango org wants to tax sugary drinks to offset costs on childhood obesity - The food and farming charity Sustain claim the £1bn raised could provide free school meals and fund parts of the NHS to tackle the young fatties.

    Well the Gov must rubbing their hands on this possible future revenue, and I am sure they will spend it wisely - and pigs will fly.
  2. Just watched this on the BBC Breakfast News, well sort of, because I was more interested in watching Susanna Reid; anyway, I digress, of course the government will be delighted by this proposal because it means a constant revenue stream for paying for free school meals.
  3. Cheap Cola and pop must be one of the biggest contributers to childhood obesity - nothing else will ramp up the calorie intake like a litre of Rola Cola.
    However I agree with dontenn that taxing the stuff will just generate more tax revenue only to be wasted on proping up the growing "do gooders" sector. The Govt needs to tax us less not more.
  4. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I saw this on Sky News this morning. So I swtiched channels to BBC News, and there was some bloke banging on about the same thing - how it will hit the poor and the rich wont even notice (where have I heard that argument before....hmmm)

    Anyway, he went on to say about how sugary drinks are bad for you (no s**t Sherlock) and how raising the price on this will encourage people to switch to a healthier alternative - which if it were to work, then why the tax? Why not simply say lets add another 20p to the retail price of a fizzy drink currently costing £1.00 and let the shop keepers have the profits - why should the government have that extra money?

    And there it is - your real answer for why they want to do it. Stealth tax.

    Labour AND Conservative eh? Sometimes you can have too much choice...
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  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Maybe we should tax on body mass index (BMI). Be a fat bastard and pay more tax. Stay slim and fit and pay less.

    After all fat bastards require more money out of the public purse (unemployment benefit, health care costs, etc) than thin, fit people.


  6. I like the idea of spending the money on free school meals, and educating pupils in healthy eating. Free meals means more money to spend on fags and chips, more healthy eating education? That's working so well at the moment, with all the outreach reps kicking about.

    In the unlikely event that the money doesn't vanish into the treasury maw; how about teaching the pupils to read and write properly? Then they could read for themselves and make an educated choice.
  7. Would MPs be able to charge their fat tax bill to their expenses?
  8. It'll never work, they tried a 'Greggs' tax and the peasants revolted
  9. Stuff is lethal..I don't know which additive caused it..but when I tried fermenting some flat cola the yeast kept dying.
  10. Mmmhhh, more taxes, just what we need really, well done that quango of single issue fanatics!
  11. Can we have a Quango that suggests reducing taxes? Then weren't Quango's reduced, no doubt more spin.
  12. There are a few schools in my region that used to have school playing fields with included a football pitch and a mini running track for sports day.. these were sold off some years ago for so called affordable housing. No wonder the kids a overweight with nowt to play on during the summer months.
  13. My quango has just suggested shooting MPs, one a day until they get it right.

    At least it will reduce the expences bill......
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  14. I would go a lot further . The parents of any child uttering the word " pop " would be fined £10 or have their scratchcards or cigarettes confiscated .
    And I agree with History_Man , Susanah Reid is well fit .
  15. This time last year they announced the abolishment of 100 quangos, saving an alledged 2.4 billion in tax money, they must have missed these *****!
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