Tax on "Full Tme" TA


Good Afternoon ladies and Gentlemen
Help is being sort as to what my tax liability would be if I was to take up the offer of full time TA. ie 220 days per training year
Would I be taxed at my current rate of 503L (I must point out that I am coming to the end of my Mobilisation which will be in March) or would I revert to paying the tax rate of a third as is normal with TA.?
I will not be re appling for my civvy job when I am De Mobbed as I (well thats another subject)
Many Thanx


Providing you speak to your tax office and the TA is essentially your only or main employment you can use you normal tax code.


i think you will be taxed at basic rate as the army pay system can only give TA soldiers a BR tax code, however at the end of the year you can claim this back,
TA tax has been discussed on here many times usually for students but the same thing applies.
this is what i have been told by Inland rev and glasgow but i stand by to be corrected.


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