TAX On Allowances

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CHENMP, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. I left the Army after 23yrs and joined the FCO working overseas.

    Imagine my suprise when i was told i would only pay tax on my salary and not my allowances, This means i get taxed on £18211, and pay no tax on £17500 seems much better than the xfactor to me. My job means i will never have to do a UK posting.

    Also accomodation, electric, telephone line rental,and other maintaince bills are also paid for.

    In addition i recieve a pot of money equal to 3 club class flights back to Uk for my family every year. This money i can spent on travel as and when i like. ( just got back from Turkey)

    So the next time the Army tell you you are doing well for allowances just ask them what civil servants get.

    My wife also was sent back club class for medical tests as they couldnt be done in Country. After 4 weeks she returned and prompty recieved £1300 subsistance. I know most of you know this but how long can MOD keep relying on loyalty

    and the phrase X factor
  2. We don't pay tax on all our allowances, contrary to popular belief.

    RPOD/RILOR/GYH(D)(P) are not taxed for instance as they are an allowance for something you would otherwise pay for out of your own pocket for the travel in the first place.
  3. Bugger that - I'm off to join the FCO ........
  4. No but you do get taxed on your LOA and still have to pay CILOR.

    I dont get taxed on COLA ( cost of living allowance ) same as LOA.

    or have to pay CILOR or equivelent.
  5. LOA is a TAX FREE living allowance!
  6. Next you will be saying you get taxed more when you get a refund of food from leave !! :?