TAX!!! JPA >>>>WTF Mr Brown???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wingy24, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Ok, I just had a £50 a month (before tax) pay increase! WHOOhooo!!
    Now i'm taking home less than before????
    Why I hear you ask? My tax and NI is now £35 a month more than it was before. So basically i'm being stiched up? But I have no idea why? Maybe you peeps can shed some light????

    This should be fun!

    Over to you>>>>>>>

  2. I'm confused. My maths tells me that you are taking home £15 more per month, or 50p per day (or 75p per working day) (or £1.25 for the days you actually turn up and do something).
  3. Apparently if you earn up to £22000 per year you now get taxed 20% on everything after your tax free period. This is something that has chaged recently, before this you were taxed at 10% on everthing up to £10000 then 20% on everything after this. Also it seems, by looking back at my pay statements that the NI contributions have gone up.

  4. if you earn under 18 grand you will lose cash in this 10% thing
  5. Could be that you have been put on an 'emergncy' tax rate whilst the system sorts it all out, if this is the case you will get the money back once it is all sorted
  6. You were getting a tax free amount, then charged 10% on the next £2.2k
    and then 22% after that

    Now you just get taxed after your tax free amount at the rate of 20%