Tax-Free? Not likely......

(12 May 03) House of Commons Oral Answers to Questions on Defence. Mrs. Cheryl Gillan (MP for Chesham and Amersham) V Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence Dr. Lewis Moonie:

Mrs. Gillan : Will the Minister tell me why our service personnel get such a raw deal when they are risking their lives on the front line, and why they lose out financially, particularly when compared with the American forces, alongside whom they are serving in the Gulf? Will the Minister now get the Armed Forces Pay Review Body to bring our soldiers' benefits to the level enjoyed by our American allies, and pay their council tax for them and give them income tax relief while they are deployed on active service? Is not it about time that the Government gave our forces a fair deal?

Dr. Moonie: This seems to be one of the many myths that the Opposition perpetuate. The body responsible for armed forces pay and remuneration last year conducted an independent study into the package of benefits available to all serving men and women in a vast number of countries, including the United States of America, and concluded that our package, taken overall, was the equivalent of all of them. I do not think that we have anything to apologise for.

So that answers that.......  :mad:

Mr Happy

Anyone see a follow up question/happen to know which countries we were actually compared with.

Whilst I think we'd all recognise the US as probably the leading country in the world for troop support (possible exception Switzerland or Australia?) I fail to accept that paying tax on income earned and paying council tax whilst on operations is acceptable.  I know the money earned is supposed to be taking a lot of that into account and we choose to ignore it but there is a constant eradication of benefits going on that is effecting troops further is there not?
Actually the Australians do really well, when they go on UN op's they almost double theyre wages and when they leave the armed forces they get looked after by a mob called DVA defence veterans affairs which look after housing, legals and medical stuff for them...

Last time i checked that wasnt offered in my red book!

Rule Britania!

Mr Happy

UN Ops can be money spinners for many nations.  The Ukrainians/Chinese in SL for example were making - comparatively - fortunes (2 years salary per month?) whilst there.  Hell, even the Brit I knew was basically doubling his wage with his $100 per dium for expenses.
Was it not the old story that the govt. got the money for our doing ops for the UN and also made money renting equip/vehicles to the UN and yet we saw nothing of it?

But also the case that we were one of the few nations who were fully up to date with UN subs!?

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