Tax Free Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by telstech, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. I'm posted to Germany in October and i've seen plenty of ad's for tax free cars but none for bikes. Can anyone tell me of companies that specialise in this?
    Thanks for the help
  2. Get hold of a copy of Sixth Sense when you arrive - several companies advertise in it. However, you can also buy a bike tax free here as a personal export - see the DVLA website for details, but make sure you check BFG Standing Orders on BFG registration before you commit. The BFGVLO is a particularly evil empire which regularly moves the goalposts - speak to your unit's BFG officer.
  3. Thanks for the advice. From my time in Germany before i know exactly what you mean about the BFGVLO. I can't wait to get there and get a new bike!!!!
  4. You can have my bike if you like. It's a 10 speed mountain bike. Needs the front brakes doing, but apart from that, it goes like a rocket! Yours for 50 nicker.
  5. Depends where you go too, i remember there was a nice little british expat bike dealer just outside RAF Bruggen gates and he used to sort all the paperwork out for you....anyone know if he is still there?

  6. The bike dealer may still be there, but RAF Bruggen, alas, is not! It's now Brownjob Barracks or something.... :lol:
  7. oh i knew Bruggen had gone, heard it on the news a few years ago...sad day, was a brilliant posting. still. what can you do? is my wonderful telephone masterpeice still in number 1 hanger in the bar on the ground floor i wonder?

  8. NAAFI Car Sales don’t sell motorbikes, but you can purchase a tax-free motorbike from any German dealer of your choice, most of whom are English speaking. If you send us a PM and confirm where in Germany you are posted and which make(s) of bike you are particularly interested in, we will supply you with a list of dealers who will be local to you.

    If you are purchasing a tax-free vehicle from a German dealer, tax will need to be cleared via the Official Procurement Agency (OPA) for which NAAFI Car Sales is the appointed agency.

    To assist you with this, a full procedures guide is available -click here.

    A copy of this guide is also available in German for use by Motor Dealers if required - click here.

    For more information, visit or give us a ring on 0800 085 6190 (free from the UK) or 0800 033 22 33 (free from Germany).
  9. 10 year old thread, I know - but better than starting a new one.

    Anyone know where the current best deals on tax-free bikes are? Looking for a VFR800 or BMW F800GT when I get posted over there later this year.

  10. I was surprised to find that I could run a motorcycle through my business and claim the vat and costs back as its classed as a commercial vehicle
    use to run BMW K100RT/RS models that way