Tax free entitlement timescales BFG etc.

I've had a look through the other threads and there seems to be no set down figures etc.

So my dilema is:

I've put down a £2K deposit on the Jag XF which is due delivery in June 08. I've just been picked up on the board and been told I cant stay in my post in the new rank so will be posted. Posting plots come out in May and chance of BFG again is almost lottery odds.

So, questions:

How long do I need to have the car in BFG before I can return to the UK without be stung for the tax? I.e. if I was posted in Sept/Oct?

A dealership told me I only have to have the BFG'd for 24hrs, is he waffelling shite?

A mate of a mate told me that as long as I have the car before my posting order then its not my fault and I can keep the car. Is he also a poop waffeller?

Is Waffeller actually a word?
The silence says it all....................

Well, no drams as I've spoken to the peeps at JHQ and the official word from BFG is:

"The car must be BFG registered for 24hrs then it may be deregistered and taken back to the UK without penalty. However you may not sell the said vehicle within 12 months of purchase".

So, there you go folks, for anyone taking their tax free purchase back to the UK.
your right about the registering also if you have placed the order before the posting order sorry assignment order has arrived they are usually fine happend to me and i managed to register it then get posted have you spoke to the Top bloke at JHQ who deals with this ???
No I don't think it was the "top bloke", I just rang the JHQ BFG enquiries number and before I managed to finish the sentence he said 24hrs! Didn't realise that it also applied to even if the car had been ordered but not collected.
It was originally due for collection in Sept fro the new 58 plate, I called it fwd to make sure I had it before any posting came through, so technically could I still collect it in September then could I? If so who do I need to get this from in writing to cover my arse?
Cheers for your help though.
As long as you have the vehicle in you're possession BEFORE the date shown on you're posting are a BFG entitled person and you will be covered. You acn get this in writing from BFG VLO RHQ.

It would be automatically BFG registered for more than 24hrs as you have to wait for youre initial BFG to come through post then you have to apply for a 414 from customs (application to import vehicle into UK). You need to fill out a form for special app. to UK of a BFG veh under a year and a day old of initial BFG. Also a copy of you're posting order. The 414 is taken to DVLA when registering. Usually take 7-10 days to receive it to BFPO address. You then have 3 days to register at DVLA when hitting the UK.

If you have any dramas...its best to go to you're local BFG office.

Hope this helps mate. :)

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