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HELP PLEASE!!!!Hypothetical Question:

If I started a job abroad, starting on the 17 June 2008 (for instance). Would the past months of April/May and half of June 2008 count towards my 90 days allowed in the UK for the tax year 2008.

If the answer is yes, would this mean I could only return to the UK for about 14 days between June 17th and April next year, in order to retain my tax exempt status?

You need to visit the tax office website, lots of info on there, i think it averages out over 3 years for example and you have to do 2 years overseas, then will you still want pay national insurance? my missus is in the process of trying to get her tax sorted out as she works at MPA. 6 months so far and still not sorted out, as JPA lost her P45!
Cheers guys.....what a nightmare :-(

I've only got a CSE in Pottery ffs

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