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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by micalee, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. I ordered a tax free car back in march and am due posting at the end of Nov. I cannot pick up the car until middle of november, but the bfg office have helped me with the relevant forms so i can get the docs sorted asp.

    once i bring the car over to germany, i have to have it on bfg plates for 1 week before i can de-bfg it. On returning to the uk for good, I obviously sign a decloration stating that i will not sell the car for 1 year.

    i understand that if i do sell the car within that year, i get a ban for 5 yrs on buying another tax free car.

    hyperthetically speaking, if i were not to return to germany what is stopping me from selling the car within the year, if a ban is not gonna affect me?

    can i be pinged for the tax if the car is sold within the year?
  2. Your ban starts when you go back to a tax free environment

    0-6 mth = pinged for tax

    7-12 mth = tax ban
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  4. I must be going mad, cos I cannot see where it states the length of time I have to keep the car before selling. Which section is it under?
  5. phone the BFG office on the form, ask them
  6. Certain organisations are just itching at the bit to remove the tax free entitlement to cars and its actions like yours that are giving them the ammunition to do it. Why do you think the rules tightened up on how often you can buy a car?
    Not only will you potentially receive a 5 yr ban, you will also get pinged for the tax courtesy of the revenue boys.
    You have enjoyed a perk and now you're trying to screw the system. Play the game like an adult!
  7. Yeah play the game. Its a perk because you are out of the country. You will give the army a bad name. but hey if you can get it away with it then well done.

    You could always have a word with my ex wife. She was an officer in Larkhill at the time. She gave her new car to her boyfriends brother who had tax free status at the time. To part exchange on a new car. He kept the car in Germany for the year then sent it back to her.

    I complaint to the military police and brought it up in our divorce hearing. You should have seen how fast that car disappeared of her drive. A friend in the know at here place of work said she got a ticking off for that one. but hey she got away with it as she just got promotion to Lt Col.

    Guess its who you know. It also may help if your a girly and in the AGC ETS.
  8. I have never said that I am going to sell the car. It is hyperthetical as it says - As I have found myself in this position, I am asking the question as if I could do it. I appreciate the perks and will enjoy my car for many years once I receive it and as inquisitive as I am, the question has been asked to me many times and whether I will be selling it! I'm not, but being unable to answer it, I felt it was time to research so that I can pass on a reasonable answer.
  9. i don't think you could do it anyway without getting a tax bill from HMRC.
    This due to the way they give you a different number plate when you BFG it. Also you would find it hard to sell it the UK cause you wouldn't be able to provide the correct registration docs without declaring it to HRMC.
    They way the tax free cars are run now I don't think its possible.
    A mate of mine did not get his BFG paperwork done correctly. HRMC came round checked his cars mileage told him he could not drive until he paid their 3000 quid tax bill. If he did drive they would take the car off him.
    The ban doesn't matter it is just the problem of getting around the paperwork trail.
  10. As Northern Monkey stated there are people out there just itching to remove not just the Tax Free Car system, but the whole package af Tax Free. The system of Registration, De-registration, Transfer etc has claimed to be complicated, confusing and irritating, it's not. The rules are there in black and white for all to read.

    Just because your personal circumstances or brilliant offers from the car dealerships in the UK may not permit you to follow the A-Z, then you deserve to be punished. The rules are quite clear, if you are not 100% clear on what to do, ask (and I mean ask BFGVLO, not your next door neighbour.)

    If we try to change this one part - we lose the lot; Mwst, cheap petrol etc. With the looming reduction in LOA the sting would be even more unbearable. So come on people, if you want to make a fast 2 thousand pounds then sell your internal organs, don't buck the system then cry when you get caught.
  11. Sold my car 8 months after buying it upon return to the UK. Did not get stung for tax. This was back in 2004 however so rules might have changed.