Tax Free Cars to UK Based MOD Personnel???

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Cider_Glider, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Firstly I wasnt sure where to post this so if its in the wrong place could the MODs please put it somewhere more relevant (hopefully not the hole!)

    Right, I have been looking at buying a new/used car for a while now (yes they pay me far too much money to do this job) and saw the ads in Soldier for EMC and Advance Car Exports offering tax free cars to UK based MOD personnel. Well, going on the principle that things that seem too good to be true usually are I thought i'd see what the all knowing oracle that is ARRSE had to say about the subject.

    The questions I have are:

    1. Has anyone on the site had dealings with eithern of the above companies or something similar.

    2. Is it more hastle than its worth or should I just bite the bullet and buy from a dealership in the UK?

    Cheers for the help

  2. Clever wording of Ad I think, It says tax free and tax paid for UK based but I think the tax free bit is just if you are then getting posted overseas and are going to export it. The bit above where it says UK and BFG qualify for all offers just means the discounts. I may be reading it wrong though so I await to stand corrected.
  3. In the early 90's Vauxhall did a similar advert, but what they did was pay the VAT for you
  4. I bought a Discovery from LR's TDMS (Tourist, Diplomatic and Military) Department, the deal worked out at about 16% if IIRC. Be prepared for a decent length wait to get your chosen spec though, certainly the LR dept I dealt with are more used to multi-vehicle deals for foreign militaries and a single civvy car is some way down their priority list.

    Cracking machine though and still worth more or less what I paid for it 2 yrs on - which has to be a winner on a new car. When I come to change it, I'll get another the same.


    Land Rover House
    Mallory Road Peterborough PE1 5PT
    Tel: 01733 213231, Fax: 01733 342300,

    I dealt with Paul Bawden,

    Mobile: 0777 616 4042
    Email: paulbawden @

    [On the basis that he's a civilian and nothing to do with the military or MoD, and his details are on the web in the Forces Discount Brochure, I'm hoping this is not a big PERSEC issue - if it is I'm sure it'll get editted out by a mod. So DOH! in advance.]
  5. Cool, at least someone's done it sucessfully!! The only dramas is that I want a spangly new Seat Leon, but the idea of lording it up in a Disco does appeal!!

    Cheers again

  6. Do you think that the current 'For Sale' sign on Land Rover and Jaguar's company doors will prohibit this option in the near future?
  7. It might well do, on the other hand the system as I have encountered it is simply a direct sales function. LR are unlikely to operate at a charitable loss on the basis that I faxed them a copy of my MoD90. I suspect that the 16% (or whatever) discount is less than the cut of a main dealer and so LR are actually in greater profit on the deal. If that's the case, and I can't see another way for the figures to make any sense, then the military discount system is unlikely to disappear in the near future.
  8. No UK based personnel are able to buy a car Tax Free, unless they intend to export it within 60 days of delivery. They are however able to buy a car tax paid new with a manufacturers Military discount, (if one exists, as some manufacturers do not offer tax paid Military discounts, only tax free).
    Approved SEAT UK dealers for Military sales are Griffin Tax Free 01273 574000. There is up to 12% off a tax paid SEAT.
    Vauxhall and Ford offer the best discounts, 15%, but Peugeot, Skoda, SEAT, and Subaru also offer UK based personnel an extradiscount. You should also get a dealer discount on top of this discount.
    Hope this helps