Tax free cars BFG, hard done by?

as a BFG soldier, i ordered a tax free car. i have had the car for 4 weeks now, its all BFG'd correctly and i thought all was well.
i have now recieved a posting order to cyprus. i dont want to take the car with me, i wish to take the car back to uk, re-register it and put it as SORN and park it in my gargare for a year.
i have been told if i do this i must pay the outstanding tax. if my posting was back to UK, i would be fine, a copy of my posting order would be proof enough to just register and crack on. it seems to me, after ordering a car in good faith, all of a suden a randon posting order comes along and im out of pocket a couple of grand. i understand that the rules are to stop people making a quick pound, however if im keeping the car in my name and declaring it sorn, off the road. were is the problem? can any one offer any advise, to me it seems a bit unfair?
isnt cyprus part of the eu? therefore your entitlement should still stand

Speak to your local HMRC representative (Each major Garrison/Base should have one) for the definative answer. As I recall, they are very helpful if you have a genuine case.


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