Tax free car whilst in Holland?

Sorry I dont know if I should be posting this here but, I have a tax free car that I bought whilst at JHQ and is 1 1/2 years old now. I was posted to Maastricht in January 07 and the vehicle was over a year old then. I am trying to part exchange my car now for another tax free car. I know that you are allowed one tax free car per driving licence at NATO but the dutch customs office are saying that I have already used my tax free quota, and if I part exchange my car I will have to pay 19% dutch tax on it!! I have phoned customs in JHQ and the BFG office there but no one is able to help me. I can't even use my Wife's quota because she has only got a provisional licence. The Dutch customs officer said that the only around this problem was to obtain a IM7 form. No one has heard of this form before including the dealer I am buying the car from. They said they have dealt with NATO customers in Holland before and never heard of this. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?? I don't see why the hell I should have to pay tax on a vehicle when I didnt realise I was coming to Holland and also the vehicle was over a year old when I brought it into this country.

I would seek advise from our UK based Customs and Excise.
Try the following number and ask for a guy called Kevin Cable.
0113 389 4233
This is the Leeds based office but i deal with them through my civvie job and always found them on the ball.
If Kevin can't help i am sure he will pass you on to somebody who can
I rang that number and he put me through to another branch. They said that I would have to fill in a VAT form 414, which I have already done. But thats all the advice they offered. There must be a way of getting another car because I didnt even buy the car in Holland and the tax that I didnt have to pay was from the UK government. How can they justify wanting 19% tax back for a car that wasnt even bought here and registered after a year after being in germany! They never explained when I first registered my old tax free car that I couldnt buy another one and have to pay 19% tax. If anyone has any ideas please help.

cheers for the reply. I didnt pay tax when I entered Holland, the car was over a year old when I entered so I dont think I should have to pay tax anyway! When I registered the car in Holland nothing was said at all about me not being able to sell the car without paying tax, and that my tax free quota would be used. It sounds to me as if the dutch government has got tax con going on. If I would have been told this information before I registered the car, I would have sold the car! I dont think there is anyway around it. I have one more person to call in the hague who works for customs.
I wouldnt have thought that the tax would have been owed to the german government because you have to fill in the pink log book slip and send off to the british government which exempts you from paying VAT. I wonder if it would be ok if i part x the car for the new one but if i get someone else with a tax free entitlement to register it for me even though i have bought it?
yes mate that is indeed possible, and when you fall out with the guy, who's name would the car be in. who then would be the legal owner oh yes. not you.

I think it would be better to rethink that idea
I think you will find that the Dutch customs rules are that you are entitled to two tax free cars during your post in the Netherlands. Problem here is that they work this on you and your partner both having full dvr licences. You have already purchased a tax free car in Germany so therefore you are not entitled to another unless your partner has a full dvr licence. I know that this has caused many problems here as many servicemen have been hit with bills for tax from the cloggies. This coming from a country who give their servicemen/women tax free status in their OWN country and ARE the biggest abusers of the ration goods on camp. Fcuking cloggies two faces barstewards, but unfortunately those are the rules - shite as they are. GET your wife a full licence then buy another car. Hope that helps
Just an update. Phoned someone in the Hague and they said that the custom office was talking rubbish about me having to pay dutch tax. He gave me another number to ring and they said that I am allowed one tax free car per driving licence at a time but you can sell your tax free car to a tax free entitled dealer/person without having to pay tax. Then you can get another tax free car. I am going to just buy my next car now and see what they say.
Remember to take some chill pills when you visit customs... you will need them

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