Tax Free Car on Posting to Canada

I am posted to Canada and have currently got 2 tax free cars with me in Germany.

When I go to Canada one will be 11 months old and the other will be 5 months old.

Does anyone know if I will have to pay tax on them if I take them to UK?
I'm presuming one of them is your wife's car because as far as I was aware you are only entitled to one tax free car per year (and bike, and boat, and caravan).

Anyway things may have changed but a few years ago a friend of mine had just bought a brand new car and within 3 weeks she received a posting order back to the UK. She didn't have to pay the tax back because at the time she bought the car she was unaware of said posting. She was, however, unable to sell it until the usual 12 month period of ownership was up or she would have faced the usual...banned from buying tax free car for x number of months, pay the tax on it if sold before the 6 month point of ownership etc etc.

I've no idea what paperwork she filled in but if you contact BFG VLO I'm sure they'll be able to give you a definitive answer there and then rather than read a load of opinions on here from guys whose only knowledge of BFG vehicle rules & regs is the current price of fuel coupons!!!
I know you can bring one tax free car into the UK, but cannot sell it until the year is up.

I take it that because you have two tax free vehicles within the year that your wife is serving as well - or have the rules changed back so that the spouse can also purchase 1 tax free car a year.

Worst comes to the worst, sell it back to the dealer. You are not going to be out of pocket and you are moving from one LOA post to another.

Alternatively stick them on the ship and have them sent across to Canada; doesn't cost anything.

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