Tax Free Car deregistration upon posting other than UK.

I have been told by the powers that be that I must pay the tax on a vehicle I purchase tax free 13 months ago but could only register 8 months ago.

The disappointing facts in my case, besides the potential ££££ I will have to fork out, are that I have been put in this situation due to the services requirement in TWO separate occasions!!

1- Over a month after placing the order with deposit on the car, I was trawled for a 3 month tour thus having to delay the delivery date of the vehicle.

2- Although the above point would not have been a problem on its own as I had time to spare in my current posting, I have been given an assignment order to a country other than the UK or Germany 5 months early!

Although these points have been stressed to higher authority, I have been given the proverbial F**K O** Tablet! My understanding of the regulations are that this rule is purely enforced by BFG and not so by the UK.

Why are those posted to the UK excluded from this rule and not those posted to other areas of the world?

Why couldn’t I be given the opportunity to leave the vehicle with friends or family (in storage) till the 12 month point??

I have been told that there is a passage in Queens Regs that states that no serving personnel of the Armed Forces should be put in a position that could penalise them or there family financially! Could anyone tell me which chapter I could find this passage.

I am desperately seeking advice from anyone out there that might have been in this position before and was granted authority or if there are any legal gurus that have advice.

Thanks in advance.
did you BFG your car ? , as long as you BFG'd your car for ONE day & you dont sell it for 6 months (inclure 3 yr ban) or 12 months, then you do not need to pay the Tax, but if you did'nt then sorry, you should have read orders
The BFG tax free deal is a bonus. If you can take advantage great but if you cant you have not been disadvantaged, you are level with everyone else who pays tax.

Where are you posted to next? If you are going to another NATO posting within Europe, there may be scope for manouevre but if not, you may be stuffed...

Its all to do with SOFAs and agreements between BFG and HMRC - agreements which do not exist with other governments - which as I have found out - no one actually explains to you but expect you to know, in the great tradition of all the jobsworth civil servants who steal oxygen in JHQ.

Good luck - but if you're not posted to another NATO country, don't hold your breath and even if you are, there may not be any hope for you so don't get your hopes up.

Thanks for the answers so far,

YES, the car was BFG registered as soon as I returned from my trawl.

My next posting is to a NATO country but not in the EU!!
I refuse to believe that my wallet is at the mercy of someone higher-up that probably answers every request the same!! Surly there must be some considerations paid to special ‘out of you control’ circumstances.

After nearly a decade in the Forces and this being my first Tax Free car, the Forces are not playing there part in the whole G1 retention bit!!! Then they wonder why loads of people get pissed off with such inflexible and inconsiderate regulations!!!!

Massively F****D Off!
Could someone tell me why we (UK/Armed Forces personal) are not sticking together!!!???

What I mean by this is that when you dig into this subject, you soon realise that if asked to pay the tax back, it’s the 19% GERMAN tax that must be paid and not the UK VAT!!

So much for the valued covenant of the Armed Forces!!

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