Tax Free Car Compaines

Hi Arrsers.

I posted from Brunei to Germany in the summer and I'm looking into Tax Free Car Companies.

The last time I bought a tax free car for export was with NATO Cars, but I’m certain they have gone.

I would be grateful for any comments by fellow arrsers with reference to your experiences with whatever tax Free Company you may have used - good and bad.

I've done a quick search but nothing too relevant came up.

Much obliged,

When you get out here buy the 6th sense newspaper. They all advertise in their. Which one you use would depend on make and model. Not all co's cover all makes.
Don't discount the local garages either, particularly in the bigger garrison towns. I bought mine tax free from one and saved money (even after paying a compulasory "broker's fee" to NAAFI) and time compared to buying from one of the UK-based tax-free enterprises. Another advangtage for me was that I, too, arrrived in Germany with no car but to get my custom, the garage loaned me one until mine was delivered.

So called "balloon deals" are also big business and quite popular at the moment on some makes and models - it amounts to leasing for 1 year but you get e new car every 12 months. Not a route I followed for a couple of reasons but mainly because all the deals are on RHD and I wanted LHD.
A lot of people I work with went through EMC, I believe that they are at Dover. See PM
Balloon deals were ok as a one year lease but the NAAFI's just stopped them!

I found Griffin fair as they sell most makes and are not just tied into one manufacturer, offices in BFG too

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