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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Peebottom, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently Serving in a regular unit with the intention of signing off end of the year. I was wondering though that If I do leave and join a TA unit would I be able to claim the full bounty. Even if I joined up just before the end of the tax year I would have already done my Matts & whips and surely all my time in the regulars would make me eligible for the full whack :?
    Sorry if this has already been posted before
  2. Provided you get the 15 + 12 days in (no exemptions for regular service) and the TA unit accepts that you have done MATTs (probably easier to do them again) you can get a Training Bounty.

    I think your question might be "Can I sign on with no intention of training and claim a years bounty without actually doing anything?" to which the answer is "No".

    Edited to add: You may well be entitled to the top rate, by the way
  3. That's what happened to me, although I did lose my rank as there was no position at rank open, mind you this was a good few years ago(VRSM & Bar) .....I think a lot depends on the unit you join whether they make you go through MATTs again, but where's the harm if you do, it avoids what could be a ARAB/STAB attitude that could develop & help you integrate better.
  4. Hi

    You might want to check re minimum number of days on strength.

    I do not know if there is still such a requirement but after my first year in the TA, they tried to tell me that I was not eligible for Bounty. Their justification was that, although I'd done the MTDs, Camp, and training, I had not been on strength in the TA for the minimum (something like 9 months) period.

    Fortunately, once I taught them to count, they discovered that I had been on strength 4 days over the minimum.

    Happy for anyone to advise me that my knowledge is out of date... :lol:
  5. Tut tut; just when youthink there's a shred of decency amongst them! :(
  6. Scandalous! Probaly spent his entire career calling the STABS!!!!!!!! :wink:

    Where do you live, wanna join a decent unit? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. I won't lie the thought had crossed my mind as i'm gonna need every penny I can get when I leave the army and enter the real world.

    But I did start my army career as a "STAB" and actually really enjoyed it.