tax free bikes

please can anyone help. :?
can you buy a UK tax free bike out in germany. :?
all i can find have been euro bikes which register in Kms rather than Miles per hour. :!:
If not , is there any UK companies that deal in Tax free bikes?
cheers for reading.

Surely "Sixth Sence" should be the first POC.

I bought a bike whilst in Germany, however by the time I'd came back to UK paid Eurotunnel/reregistered for BFG etc didn't save that much.

The Bike shop in Gladbach would have ordered a UK spec bike in but there was a wait, try asking them they might.

In all honesty apart from the new aspect I'd have been better buying second hand or just getting a deal from a dealer.


Are you serving in Germany now?
I always got my new bikes from Willie at Motor-Service Hohls.
Has a shop a few clicks from Hohne, there used to be a sign with directions
opposite the camp main gates.
He got me a UK spec, tax free MZ Bagahira cheaper than the MZ dealer when I left Germany. :D
You should be able to easily pick up a Tax Free Bike in Germany. There is a place on the strip outside Normandy Barracks in Sennelager, and there is "Dodgy" Don Hill (good fella) who is down in JHQ. I know of loads of people who have bought bikes from him. WRT speedo's, depending on the model, most sports bikes have a button that switches between Kms and Miles. My Kawasaki 636 did and my Gixxer 750 does...

Dons Place


Don't whatever you do, buy it from the bloke in Sennelager. Within three questions he's asking how much you have to spend. As soon as he started that sh*te I left. Stay well clear.

Have you tried the main dealers in the UK? Try not to buy locally unless they can guarantee a British bike. Don't put down a deposit with any ex pat flogging bikes as you'll find that when the bike is delivered, it just may be German spec. I'd avoid expats if I were you. Shop around over the internet with UK dealers, play them off each other until you can't get any lower on price (none of the expat community will budge as they feel that once you're 'hooked' they don't need to) and then pick it up on leave and ride it back. At least you'll have some comeback if it anything goes wrong unlike with some of the expat community in Germany. I can't stress that enough.

Be guided by the experience of others. Don't let your heart rule your head. It's easy to do whne the bike you are after is sat there right in front of you. Read the small print if you are going HP. You're better off with a bank loan if you haven't got the readies. Shop around for your insurance as well....don't go 3rd P, F & T.


I agree with BigRed, there are some bargains in Sixth Senth. I picked up a German Spec mint cond Transalp for more than £1500 cheaper than The Parkers recommended price. OK its in KPH but I am sure I can pass it on easily enough when I leave.

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